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Godz & Goddesses : Nuada
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From: MSN NicknameTipsyCad147  (Original Message)Sent: 3/15/2007 10:29 AM

Silver Hand


Pantheon: Celtic
Element: Air
Sphere of Influence: Healing and Fishing
Preferred colors: Silver, Green, Yellow
Associated symbol: Sword, Silver Gauntlet
Animals associated with: Dog , Fish
Best day to work with: Thursday
Associated Planet: Jupiter

He had an invincible sword, one of the four great treasures of the Tuatha. God of healing, water, ocean, fishing, the Sun, sailing, childbirth, dogs, youth, beauty, spears and slings, smiths, carpenters, harpers, poets, historians, sorcerors, writing, magic, warfare, incantations. Another multi-skilled god, useful to consult on any of the above.

Additional Information on Nuada from Wikipedia

Information is unedited and unchecked

n Goidelic mythology, Nuada was one of the Tuatha de Danaan. He was a god of the sea, children and childbirth, the sun, beauty, healing, sorcery and poetry and writing. One of the four great treasures of the Tuatha de Danaan was his sword, Fragarach, which cut his enemies in half. (Fragarach is the Sword of Mananann Mac Lir)(Calad Bolg is the Sword of Dagda

In the Second Battle of Magh Tuiredh, Nuada lost his arm. Since he was no longer perfect, his kingship was taken by Bres. His brother, Dian Cecht, made him a living silver hand to substitute. Nuada became known as Nuada Airgedlámh ( Nuada of the Silver Hand). Bres had became a tyrant and so was exiled. Nuada returned to the throne and was killed by Balor, the grandfather of Bres.

Later, Dian Cechts son, Miach, replaced the silver arm with Nuadas old arm; Dian Cecht killed him out of professional envy.

Alternative: Nudd, Ludd

This text is made available under the GNU Free Documentation License Agreement. The full text of this article is available for download here. (Nuada)


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