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Divas....40 & OverContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Divas has been around for over 5 years now.  We have a wonderful group of ladies.  Come in, post and get to know us.
autree.gif picture by Angels2323
Divas is about friendship, understanding, support and fun. A  place where you can  discuss anything on your mind. If you need anything just ask, one of us will be there.


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Do you want to join the new board now?
It read welcome back sassylassie -- does that mean I've signed into the group or is theire more to it? Karen
MSN NicknameKSG111   11-06-08
last of warm weather
Angelbear ... Our weatherman has predicted the same for us -- call me crazy but I can't wait for the snow flurries to start.   Kiwi ... I do feel sorry for you and hope...
MSN NicknameKSG111   11-06-08
last of warm weather
While you are experiencing the last of warm weather, we here in Melbourne at least have the beginning of warm days. I don't like the humid, hot sticky ones, so pray that we don't get...
MSN Nicknamekiwimum49er   11-06-08
News from Australia
Make mine bubbles please. lol   I feel life is great at the moment. My 3 lads all having different achievements, a...
MSN Nicknamekiwimum49er   11-06-08
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