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My Spot, 
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My Spot Mine.

Lots to see


Lots to do

Grab a 'cuppa

Pull up a chair


Come right in.




This set was created by DolphinLove using a tag/tiles created by me. Tube used is from RainbowCoffi. Please do not add to a collection! March 2007

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Problem Solving
Problem-solvingProblem-solving in a dream situation and solving waking-life problems through dreaming are two very different experiences. The former is a dream event while the latter uses the ...
NineMSN NicknameJustmegreatnanrobinson   11-04-08
KeysKeys stand for power and access. To lose one's keys in a dream is to be out of control or lack the means of access. It may symbolize that you feel unable to acquire what is needed to compl...
NineMSN NicknameJustmegreatnanrobinson   11-03-08
Mobile Phone.
CellphoneNeither Freud nor Jung had anything to say about cellular phones. However, as they become more prevalent they are obviously making their way into people's dreams. Cell phones have cha...
NineMSN NicknameJustmegreatnanrobinson   11-03-08
Rock & Roll History for week from Sun 2n...
Sunday November 2 * Jay Black of Jay & the Americans ("Come A Little Bit Closer") is 70 * Maxine Nightengale ("Right Back Where We Started From") is 55 * J.D. Souther ("Yo...
NineMSN NicknameJustmegreatnanrobinson   11-03-08
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geuss who
NineMSN Nicknamemoodymelqld 08-13-07
my 16th
NineMSN Nicknamemoodymelqld 08-13-07
Hayley turns 1
Deb 08-06-07
Hayleys Party
Deb 08-06-07
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