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General : Dr. Dumas
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From: Shawn Michaels  (Original Message)Sent: 7/9/2008 12:10 AM


~*TBC by- Anyone
~*Bill's record- 302-3
~*Allies- CJ Tyler, Ashley Massaro, Lita 
~*Ememies- Matt Hardy, Kane, Edge 

~*OOC Message-
~*Married- Ashley Massaro
~*Entrance Theme- "Bring me to Life"
~*MSN Contact-



*As Bradley lies in the hospital recovering from the Dumas Attack. A nurse takes care of Bradley while a Doctor looks over Bradley's medical record*

 Nurse: Doctor..Mr. Bradley is ready to be checked out..

Bill: I'll be there in a second Nurse * Bill sets the Medical record down and picks up a metal pan he then runs over and nails Bradley in the head with it as a stunned nurse watches.* Did you forget I once was a 24/7 hardcore champ for a full year? *Bill grabs a defibilator and charges it and then discharges it over the very tender ribs of  Bradley.

Bill: Come on Bradley..You wanted me here I am bitch! *digs out a hidden barbed wire sledgehammer and hits Bradley twice in the legs..and seeing Bradley bleeding again just feeds the rage with in Bill.* Thanks for the medical record bitch! *walks off laughing*





This was made by Dragon for Bill Dumas