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Nation Of Domination Version 
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Nation Of Domination Version 2  Rules


1. Don't take anything from this site as it is stealing!

2. You must Rp at least two times in one week!

3.No Racial or sexual remarks, Swearing In This Group Is Allowed but try to keep the swearing down to a respectable level!

4. No cutting off peoples hair unless...the person says so!

5. No Advertising your efed!

6. You may attack people BUT don't over attack like leaving some one legless or half dead!

7. Kidnapping Is Only Allowed If The Permission Is Granted From The Kidnappee

8. Have your OOC wars in the OOC board as we don't want the general board being filled with Crap!

9. No catching people is awarked places the toilet...or picking their nose!

10. Have fun! =)