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General : Kane Rapping Dot
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From: Shawn Michaels  (Original Message)Sent: 11/27/2008 1:13 AM
Kane has heard rumors of Bill and Dot and Dot is the one that got away So, he waits for her outside the Grill as Dot's boyfriend goes out of sight to get to the Car Kane strikes he holds a 7 inch Blade to Dot's throat. "You may not be Bill's whore but, you are the whore that got away..Now start moving Bitch, you scream you die.." Kane threatens Dot moves towards some cars and bushes. They move where no one can see them. "I want you to watch as your boyfriend goes crazy looking for you..: Kane says they watch as Damon looks for her like a mad man. "If your a good girl you may see him again but, in more of a fragile state" he says as he rubs between her legs. "Now, being the Slut that got away from Bill. You won't be as lucky with me. It's a shame you never figured out he had Post traumatic Stress disorder. I want to destroy him completely and your part of the plan. The girl that got away having his blood enemies baby! Then I'll get his whore and impregnate her too.." Kane says torturing her.  Damon looks some where else and Kane forces her to go to a nearby car then he pops the trunk. "Get in whore or I will kill you. Kane says as he pushes her to the trunk.