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Peaceful Chat CafeContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Peaceful Chat Cafe

 Some simple rules to live by in our Community


1. We created this community for all of us to interact and enjoy.  Please be respectful to your fellow community members.

2. This is an adult site so there will not be many restrictions.  However we will not allow vulgarity or explicit sexual discussions or displays of nudity.  When posting comments or pictures or starting new discussions keep in mind the MSN code of conduct.  COC.  We will delete offensive posts and pictures and repeated offense will result in termination of your membership.

3. Controversial subjects are allowed as long as the discussion does not get out of hand.  Management alone will decide if the discussion crosses the line of our rules and we will delete any that we feel crosses that line.

4. Attacks on fellow community members will not be tolerated.  That doesn’t mean you can’t express your opinion if it is called for.  We just ask that you stay within the boundary of good taste.

5. When beginning a new discussion please try to give the discussion a name that identifies it clearly.  If you are responding to an existing post, open that post and then respond to it so that the thread stays intact.

6. There is a discussion board called Managers Corner.  Please go there to post ideas for the community that you would like to see put into effect.  Also use that area if you have concerns or a complaint you would like to “openly?display.  Otherwise if you have a complaint that you want to send only to the managers please email us.

7. Assuming this community grows to a large group it may be difficult to keep up with every single post.  If you see a post or some other item on our community that you think needs to be brought to our attention please send an email immediately to the managers.

8. When you sign up to join our community please be sure to check the box “on the web?as it relates to seeing new posts.  No posts should go directly to your email as these discussions are for our private viewing.  It is also suggested that you hide your email address.  There is a check box to insure that is the case.

9. We are governed by MSN Code of Conduct.  Please take time to read it.  COC.

10. We want to have fun here and use this as a place to get to know each other better.  Please understand we will be fairly lenient but if you are ever banned it will be permanent.

11. Messages containing names, group names, email addresses, personal information, warnings about people or groups, or personal attacks toward anyone are not allowed.  It is against MSN Code of Conduct to post such things even it they are true.  Please don’t do it.

12. We are not here to promote other links or businesses or your personal money making endeavors.  Please don’t post those kinds of links or information.