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TomArmetta.jpg picture by SKCWRosters

Name: Tom Armetta

Occupation: Wrestler

Status: Heel

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 245 Pounds

Finisher: Wallstreet Bomb(Powerbomb)

2nd Finisher: Sharpshooter

3rd Finisher: F-5

Trademark Moves: DDT, Running Powerslam, Sleeper Hold, Superplex, 3 Running Clothesline, Flying Dropkick, Samoan Drop, Fist Drop, Flap Jack, Forearm Uppercut, Crossface, Surfboard, Top Rope Headbutt, Slingshot Catapult, Press Slam, Russian Leg Sweep, Powerbomb Into Pin

Theme Song: "Numb/Encore" by Jay Z/Linkin Park/"Hollywood Undead" by Undead

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Residing From: Wallstreet, New York

Faction: Madison Brooks Inc.

Relationship: Dating Madison Brooks

SKCW/KSCWE Debut: September 2004

WHW Titles Held: WHW Tag Team Champion

KSCWE Titles Held: SD! Tag Team Champion(2x)

Hall of Greatness: Hall of Fame(May 2008), Hall of Legends-Superstar(January 2009)

Titles Held: SKCW Impact Champion(3x), SKCW Tag Team Champion, SKCW World Tag Team Champion, SKCW No Limits Champion, SKCW Xtreme Champion(3x)