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SignatureDesignzClubContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Linkware Sets
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AA_Linkware -
On all linkware sites, use artist's we have permission to use.
ACW Graphics -
  • ---Terms Of Use---
  • * Graphics MAY NOT be used at sites where anything is sold,
    as you would be in violation of licensing laws pertaining to copyright.
    * Graphics MAY NOT be used on sites with immoral, or "adult" content.
  • * All of my sets and images are linkware. They are free for you to use provided
    that my logo, and if appropriate, the artist's logo is included and properly
    linked on pages where images are displayed. Logo images and linking URL's are
    included with each set.
    * Please DO NOT use images as background stationery for emails.
    * Images I have created may not be altered in any fashion, other than the addition
    of text on blank buttons provided for certain sets. If you need an alteration or
    additional items to go with a particular set, please email me (,
    and I'll do the best I can to accommodate your request.
    *  Please DO NOT "mix and match" sets. The images included in each set are
    created to compliment each other, and their appearance is diminished if used otherwise.
    You, of course, do not need to use all items included in a set. But please do not use
    any of my images apart from the set it was designed for.
  • * Images must be downloaded and saved to your own hard drive. If you need instructions
    on how to do this, please email me ( DO NOT link directly to images
    on my site. To do so is stealing, as you are stealing bandwidth for which I am paying.
    "Thou shalt not steal!

Amreta's Graphics Corner -
Credits:  ©Amreta's Graphics Corner -
1. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due! Please bear in mind that my graphics are NOT public domain.  You can use the graphics free of charge for decorating your personal or commercial sites, auction pages, newsletters, as well as for personal uses such as scrapbooking, emails, etc., ( with exception the purchaseware graphics, you have to buy first ) and you must provide a link to using a logo or a text link ON THE SAME PAGE where the graphic is used.
2. I would prefer that you use my graphics 'as is', but if you need to alter them , please email me first with the details of the alteration you wish to make, I'll see if it's okay, but if I do not agree, I have the right to say 'no' :o)
3. Do not steal bandwith, save the graphics to your own harddisk and upload them to your own server.
4. What about using my graphics for stationery, crafts, print-outs,  for promoting your business, etc? The first rule is: do not re-sell the graphics. You will find below how to use my graphics to suit your need. If it is still unclear, don't hesitate to email me.

Alter my graphics

put a text on the graphics, putting together two or more graphics into one graphic, etc. : Please email me first, with the details of the alteration you wish to make. Normally I will see first if the alteration is OK, then I will ask you to mention on the page where you use the graphics, that you've altered them with my permission. (With exception for blank cards, quilts & buttons, you are free to put your own text on them)

Annie Reb -
Credits:  ©AnnieReb
Terms of Use

All my artwork is copyrighted but I do allow some of my work to be used by individuals and non-profit groups for the creation of website backgrounds, websets, email stationery, signature tags, globes, and other webgraphics  for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

Please do NOT use any of my backgrounds or graphics that are on any of my 'Applets' or 'E-Card' pages. Those should remain exclusive to my own site.

I do ask that 'any' graphic you create with any of my images be embedded with my copyright ... ©AnnieReb.  It can be small, but must be visible.

A link back to either of my personal sites, although not necessary, is always appreciated.

You are permitted to use my artwork and photos for any personal hobby as long as they are not used on any products that will be sold.  My artwork and photos may NOT be used in nor included in any CD collection for sale or for any promotional purposes.

VERY IMPORTANT ... please download the images to your own computer or server!  Never 'direct link' to anyone else's images.  This is called 'Bandwidth Theft'.

Thank You very much for your cooperation and understanding;  it is much appreciated!  Happy

ARo Graphics -

My terms are very simple. If you use my sets, you agree to abide by them.
Do not mix any graphics from other sets or with other sets.
Each set is made exclusively for that particular one.
Use the logo provided for ARo Graphics.
These designs are copyright ARo Graphics.
Use the logo provided if there is an artist to receive credit.
Download and save to your own computer. This is important.
I would appreciate hearing from you if you use my sets.
Thank you.

Birgitta's Place -
A matching logo is provided with each and every set
and it is the logo that is to be used with that set to link back to:
Terms of Use 

You must "right click" and upload the linkware graphics to your own server.

Please do not link directly to these graphics!!
That is called bandwidth stealing.
Save the graphics on your hard drive
and then upload to your own server.

A matching logo is provided with each and every set
and it is the logo that is to be used with that set to link back to:

Cute Colors -
Credits:    Artwork ©Grace Lee - 

Websets ONLY, No sig tags allowed

You may use Cute Colors Cliparts for:

- personal website, daycare website or public school website
- creating school newsletters
- hobbies such as crafts, cards, etc
- scrapbooking
- digitizing for own personal use
- cross stitch for own personal use

With immediate effect, Cute Colors is unable to permit the use of its graphics to decorate any commercial/business website or Ebay auction pages. Registration for use of Cute Colors graphics is no longer accepted for this purpose. Previous clients who have already paid their one time registration fees may continue to use Cute Colors graphics for as long as they wish. If anything is unclear, please contact me, thank you.

If cliparts are used on a webpage, you will need to display a "Cute Colors" logo ON EVERY PAGE where any Cute Colors graphics are used and provide a link back to


- redistribute in Yahoo Groups, MSN Groups, AOL Lists, PSP Lists, Tubes Lists, Mailing Lists, etc
- use the cliparts in emails to Yahoo Groups, AOL Lists, PSP Lists, Tubes Lists, Mailing Lists
- use the cliparts to create e-cards, ICQ greetings page, etc
- use the cliparts graphics on any products for sale
- sell candy bar wrappers made with the cliparts
- sell the cliparts on CD or any other form of publishing
- alter, reword, or recolor my graphics in any way
- resize for web use
- digitize my graphics and sell the digitized products thereafter
- use the cliparts on sites with pornography, occult or racism (or link to them)
- use the cliparts for web design sites for clients
- use the cliparts to create any kind of web templates (especially blogs or webpages) for public redistribution

You MAY NOT create the following using Cute Colors Cliparts:

- Incredimail/OE Stationeries
- web Awards
- web Banners
- PSP Tubes
- web Sig Tags
- web Quilts
- animate the cliparts
- any kind of new image 

Please NOTE that although permission is granted to you to use Cute Colors cliparts according to the terms as stated above, I, Grace Lee, Cute Colors will remain to hold all copyrights and ownership to all the cliparts/graphics

Daylight2Twilight Designs -

Dietz Designz -
A link back to Dietz Designs is required on all sets.

Enchanting Designz -

My Terms are very simple

  • Link back to Enchanting Designz and the artist ( if any )
  • Do not link directly to these graphics
  • Do not mix my graphics with another designers graphics
  • Do not claim my graphics as your own
  • Linkware is for personal sites only
  • Purchaseware/Shareware can be used for commercial web sites
  • You do not have to set up the set as I have

Graphic Garden -


Only 2 sets available.  All others have been removed

Credits:  ©Graphic Garden -


1) Note that templates (for eBay etc.) are not allowed. Custom/one-of-a-kind sites only, that you design and build especially for the customer. If something is unclear, don't hesitate to ask.

2) If you use only my free graphics there is no fee for you or your client.
Important: If my purchaseware graphics are to be used each client must purchase his/her own copy.

3) You need to read and abide to the terms of use above and will also make your clients aware of them. Among other things this means that...
- The graphics may only be used 'as is' - not to be altered.
- You will add a link to on all pages (note: pages, not sites) where you use the graphics.

Graphic Gifts -
Credits:  Give credit to any artist and link you use
              Plus give credit for site by Placing a link to:
1) These sets may be used for personal or non-profit sites only(unless
it is stated other wise on the set).
2) The Sets are NOT TO BE USED ON sites that are
non family friendly sites ( those are site that are not fit to be
view by all members of a family or age group),
sites that promote or about, HATE, VIOLENCE or PORNOGRAPHY, or sites that
Must have a link to that artist placed on the same page of
that set, showing the Artist name and a link to that
artist site. Those sets contain art work that is copyrighted
by that artist. They have allowed the use of their work
for this purpose.
4) DO NOT alter the set.
That includes: cutting, mixing with other sets, re-sizing, etc.
You do not have to use all of the set or set it up
as I have.
5) Place a link to:
and Please do not claim these graphics as your own by displaying them
as your own work.
6) Do not include these sets in any other graphic collection or distribute them,
offer them for download as Link Ware, or sale,
or use the set to make new graphics.
Download and SAVE the graphics to YOUR hard drive.

Heavenly Angel -


Thisset is linkware and you must keep the link intact back to
Artist logo must remain on the page and linked back to the artist site.
Please do not mix sets together, resize, change, recolor, or add to from other sets.
The music on the sets are for entertainment only
In addition, you must get permission to use it if you wish to.
Any poems on the sets are not to be used unless you get
permission to do so. It must come from the person who
wrote the poem, I cannot give this permission.

Karen's Visions -
Christmas/Winter only
The sets comes with everything you see on the page.

You may write on the blank banner and the blank buttons, but other than that, please do not alter my graphics or put them in any other collections and claim them as your own.

Please include a small text link back to on the pages displaying my sets, thank you :-)

Legend Designz -
(Sets & Sigs)

This part is simple really just read through and I'm sure you'll do the right thing!

1. Do not alter, add to, or change any of the graphics found here unless given written permission from me
or a representative of Legend Designz.

2. Do not mix and match sets, it looks awful when you do this and you will look bad not me!

3. Don't claim any of the work found here as your own, do not add to your website without proper linkage
(, don't add to any cd's, etc. Just link here and let your buddies
come here to get it..makes life happier for us all and avoids unnecessary controversy!

4. You MAY use any portions of a set that you so choose, you don't have to use every single element
of a set! And you are more than welcome to set your page up differently than shown creative
you'll learn more and stand out in the crowd much faster!

5. Do not forget to give a link to anytime that you make use our images! And if you
see a logo and link information for ANY artist please give them credit as well, it's the right thing to do!

6. Yes you may use my backgrounds, etc. in your emails if you wish just please add a link to us..
your friends will thank you!

7. NO NO NO direct linking to my images or pages, it causes ugly ugly things to happen at your site
when I find out! Trust me I always find out cause the little investigators out there email me to tell me
what you have done then I have to retaliate and I have an Irishman's temper so if you end up with a
fat naked man in drag on every single page where you have linked to my stuff then just consider
yourself forewarned! *evil grin* I can be very creative when getting even..Learn more about this
LJG Design -
Link Ware Sets : Website
Credits:  ©LJG -

These sets must be accompanied by a link back to my site on the same page the set is used. The sets may not be changed.modified or reproduced by any means. If you need something special to go with the set please e-mail me and I would be more than happy to assist.

Magnoliad Webdesigns -
Majestic Websets -
Credit: ©Majestic Websets
Majestic Websets Terms of Use



**You are agreeing to these Terms of Use if you use my sets.**


Anyone may use the sets except: commercial sites, sites containing pornography, hatred, racism or other inappropriate or illegal material.

All sets are "as is".    Time does not permit me to customize the sets (such as titles or additional buttons).  I work full-time and have a family, making websets is a hobby of mine....not a job.  

I will include the name of the font and other information either on the webset or in the zipped file.  Most sets have the name of the midi and a link to the site on download page.

Fonts and midi files are not included in the zipped files, these are copyrighted work and I do not have permission to include them.

You may not:
** Redistribute the sets
** Direct link to any of the graphics
** Make new sets with the graphics, buttons, backgrounds etc.
** Colorize or resize the graphics
** Post the sets on another site for downloading
** Make other graphics with them (such as, e-mail stationery, desktop wallpaer etc.)

You do not have to use all the graphics in the set but you cannot mix them with other sets.  You do not have to to set the webset up as we have it.  The coding is included if you wish to use it.

Majestic Websets will no longer provide HTML help or set up the webpages. Please see my FAQ page for resource links.

Please contact me if you have problems downloading a set or find a broken link

Mary's Little Lamb -


Credits:  ©

Linkware Mix and Match - enter code   Username:  mix   Pasword:   match
Terms Of Use  Full terms - see link

How may I use your graphics?

1. You may use Mary's Little Lamb's graphics to decorate your personal web pages, print them out to make cards, stationary, scrap books, emails, newsletters, etc. as long as they are for personal use and you are not selling the items you create and as long as you provide a link back to "" on each page or email the graphics are used. Please remember to place "©" on all printed material where our graphics are used. You may use a logo provided by us, or you may use a text link.
 How should I not use your graphics?

2. You may not alter or change the images, not resize them, add text to them, build new ones from them (awards, banners, tubes, special effects, etc.), re-distribute them, digitize them, add them to collection sites, use them for card sites, use them for stationery sites, use them for tube sites, or re-sell them. You may not alter the images. The ONLY exception is when a you are given permission by Mary, for example when a blank image is provided in a set for you to insert your own text. You may not post Mary's Little Lamb graphics in newsgroups, clipart mailing lists, chat rooms, ICQ and/or message boards. You may not digitize them or change their original format in any way. You may not resize them even in your editing program. Write us if you need an image altered. If time permits, we might be able to do it for you for free!

Morning Mist Designs -
  • Please read through our Terms of Use before downloading or
    purchasing anything from this site. By downloading and using
    our sets you indicate that you accept these terms.

  • The graphics used on this site remains the exclusive property
    of ©MorningMist Designs. Images from artists/photographers are the property
    of the artist/photographer and retain their copyright. The graphics may not
    be reproduced by any method. You may not offer our sets as downloads from
    your site.

  • If you use one of our sets you must link back to our site,, and to the artist/photographer. The links
    must appear on the same site as the graphics. A text link is acceptable,
    a page of credits is not.

  • You may not link directly to any of the graphics on this website.
    This is called bandwith theft and it's a federal offence.

  • The sets may not be altered in any way. That includes resizing,
    recoloring, cutting, mixing with other sets and adding effects like
    applets or animations to images, without our written permission.

  • You may not mix sets. All of the graphics included in our sets
    are made for that particular set only. None of our graphics may
    be used or altered to create your own graphics or sets.

  • You don't have to use every part of the set or the exact layout
    that we use.

  • None of our sets may be used on adult content sites,
    as well as sites promoting animal or child abuse, phornography,
    racism and other illegal activities.

    ~:TERMS OF USE, Linkware Websets:~

  • Linkware sets are for personal use only, and cannot be
    used on commercial sites. They may not be used as stationary in email,
    for incredimail, or in any pay or members-only sites.

  • Be sure to always keep the link and the credit back to artists/
    photographers along with the link back to morningmist designs.

NIght Sky Kisses -
Must email for zipped file
See Terms on website

Rajiv's Graphics -
Credits:  ©Rajiv's Graphics -

Ritvas Gallery -
Credits - ©Ritvas Gallery -

My graphics is free to use, all I want is a link back to my site,
 I have several different logos for you to chose between.
You may not alter my graphic in any way, or use them
 in awards, gifts, sigtags, banners, stationeries, newsletters or scrapbooking..

Feel free to...
use the graphics to decorate your non-commercial, family friendly homepage.
You may also print them out to make invitation cards, embroidery patterns etc., as long as it's for personal use only,
mix and match between the background sets.

My graphics are not to be used at any commercial sites, auction sites or webdesign business.

Link back to:

Sets By Andy -
Credits:  Sets By Andy
Welcome to my Index page.
Here you will find all the links to the pages that I have created
I have put a lot of time and effort inmaking my pages
I get a lot of pleasure out of making "Background Sets"
To share with anyone who would like them
I made all the "Butterfly Gifs" because
I thought the web needed more of a variety of "Butterflies" and besides I had fun making them You are more than welcome to freely use any of my gifs
But please do not use the backgrounds or sets that are on the page
itself, unless they are pictured as my free gifs,
These are for my own personal use
You may use my gifs, alter them as you like,
if you need to resize them it's fine
Please transload them to your own site
Transloaders are located on each page
I would really like to know if you put them on your site
so I can add your name to my list of users Please
E Mail me at
A link is not necessary but appreciated
(Too many links to check - will give credit without url)
must google Sets By Andy

Siggiez -
Website    -   Floral Back Sets
Credits:©Siggiez -
    All backs and gif images are resized 100x100 to view, lines to match are standard size. Please click on the backs to view and for actual size. The transparent image that matches the backs are for you to make banners and buttons in Image Magick. To construct the transparent images, save the Image Center on your f-key for easy access to tools. Here is a page to help you with instructions, tips and a general table code to copy to use these sets. Please take a moment to read this page ---> Instructions, Tips and Table Code

     Please include a link back to this page if you use any of these background sets. These graphics are not to be listed in any other site, they are free to use to make web pages. These are all original backgrounds and made with the program Paint Shop Pro. Please transload or upload all files for use. No hotlinking.... file urls will change periodically.

Thank you.. :o),

SoulMistake -
Sets By SoulMistake

Terms of use:

  • Do not alter these graphics in any way, with the only exception being adding text to the blank buttons provided with some sets. This means no resizing, no cropping, etc. If you need extra buttons made, please Email me and I will be happy to do so for you. :-)

  • Do NOT "mix & match" the sets.

  • This set may be used on personal websites ONLY. You may NOT use them on business sites.

  • This set is LINKWARE, meaning you MUST provide a link back to my home page. The URL is:

  • You MUST also provide a link back to the artist's site. The artist of the original graphic used to make this set is Jody Bergsma. Her URL is: The link MUST be on every page that contains this set. There are matching buttons to do this with. Adding my URL and the artist's URL to a links or credits page just won't do.

  • Do NOT add anything on my site to a graphics collection, or claim it as your own. Use proper "netiquette" and give credit where it is due.

  • Please upload or transload the images to you own server. Hotlinking to my graphics steals my bandwidth.

  • Please do not email me asking me how to set up these sets on your page. My schedule does not permit it. Instead, please feel free to source my pages and see for yourself how they are set up. Thank you. :-)

  • You never have to use all the pieces provided in the sets I offer, nor do you have to set it up exactly as I have it set up here. This is simply an example of how it CAN be set up.

  • This last one is not required, but it would be nice and I would appreciate it very much if you would sign my guestbook and drop me a line with the URL to the page where you have used one of my sets. I would really like to see how and where my work is being used... :-) Thanks!

  • Have fun creating!!

Starrlyn -
If logo is available  - link it is all that is needed
Credits: ©Starr Lyn  -
Take Notice if you're going to continue into my Site

The following pages are MY creations, they
are created using my creativity.

If you are going to "right click" and move it to your site
and change the colors that is still MY WORK
and I will find you and I will report you to your ISP.
I have worked too hard on my stuff for it to just be stolen.
If you can't give the courtesy to link back,
then don't bother coming in.

All activity on this site is logged and I will not TOLERATE
a thief, I will make sure that people
on the net know you've stolen someone else's work. 

It's an insult to steal and alter.
Just ask, 9 times out of 10 the person who's artwork
you want to steal will help by
making it personalized for your site.
Just ask.

These graphics are not free for the taking,
they are linkware, for your personal home pages.

They are not to be used on Commercial pages
without express written consent, nor are they to be
used for display as part of any other graphic collection,
nor placed for sale.

Do NOT alter these images in any way

If you link to this server, I can assure you I will change the
image to embarrass you on your site for your stupidity
and rudeness by NOT following the simples rules I've displayed.

Copy and save images to your own hard drive.

Linkware is that if you use it, you must
provide a link back to the index page; via a logo, on the
SAME page you use the images, giving me credit for my work.

You must also email me including the url of the page you placed
the graphics and I in turn will add you to a
list of users using my work.

Strawberry Fields -
Credits:  ©Karin Nyberg -
Terms of use

Use my graphics to decorate your own private homepage, to make your own stationery or personal invitation cards etc. As long as it's non-commercial you are free to use your own imagination!

In return I just want you to make a link back to my page from the pages they are being used at.

I hope you understand you are not allowed to alter my images and cross stich patterns or to sell them in your turn or to redistribute them.

If you have a commercial site and sell things please contact me and we'll make a deal.

Background sets

My background sets are free to use. I only want you to make a link from your site to mine and to read the terms of use before you do that.

Sunshine Designz -

Touch Of Memory -
This set is link may use it provided a link back is placed on the same
page where the graphics are displayed. IT MAY NOT BE ALTERED IN ANY MANNER
TO MAKE OTHER GRAPHICS. You do not have to lay out the page as I
have it shown, nor do you have to use the Title or all the pieces, buttons, etc.

Ultimate Designs -


If you choose to use any of our linkware or shareware graphics you must
use our logo found on each set , together with the referring
link on the same page on which the graphics appear.



A text link is acceptable, a page of "credits" is not. Our
linkware and shareware must be credited on the actual page(s) of use.
This is not negotiable. Please refer you links to

You may not alter, change, colorize, resize or modify any
of our images without our specific written permission.






You may not break up our sets. Everything on our sets is for
that particular set only. They are not to be combined with any
other sets, or used for a page containing graphics created by
someone else



You may not use our linkware graphics on Commercial sites
However use is permitted for shareware






None of the sets in the Contemporary Artists division may be
used on a Commercial, pay, or member- only site.
This is a restriction of respective artists, so please respect it.



Our sets may not be used on adult content sites, as well as any
site promoting child abuse, hate, bigotry, racism, animal abuse,
pornography, and/or illegal activities






Please upload the images to your own server or directory. Do
not link directly to the images on this website

Until Then Graphics -


Terms of Usage:

You may use this set as Linkware, free of charge,
provided you observe the following:

1) that your site is a non-profit; child-friendly site
with no obscenity or adult-only issues;

2) that you provide a link back to Until Then Graphics
with the logo below;

3) You do not "mix and match" sets. You do not have to use all the
tiles, bars, etc., that come with this set, nor do you have to use then
in this exact layout, but you cannot mix buttons from another set.

4) that you do not redistribute these graphics in any way whether
offering them as part of a collection on the internet or in a CD package;

5) that you do not alter in any way the graphics here.