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The S

The S
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Scott Hill
Scott Walker
Nick Carter

Eric Hunter
Hulk Hogan
Michael Carter

Stevie Hill
Eric Bischoff

Dylan Monroe
Jason Win
Vince McMahon

Brother Love
Cory Hunter
Shawn Matthews
William Regal

Updates Other Characters Not-Active Not Currently In SKCW

12/22 - Kaci's back in the fold and that means for lots of awesomeness
10/31 - It's Halloween. Can't Sleep, I wish Kaci was around even though I have no clue where we stand at this point still miss her though.
10/15 - Kaci just popped back up. Yay for that. It's awesome having her around again. Hopefully she sticks around because life sucked without her.
8/10 - It's been almost a month since I last talked to Kaci. I'm really missing her
7/19 - It's almost my birthday and it sucks that tradition is gonna be broken with the fact Kaci is not gonna be calling to be the first one to wish me a Happy Birthday. I miss the girl and I wish she could be here with me

Alyssa Amidala
Brooke Moore
Charlie Haas
Chris Walker
Matt Walker
Sean Walker

Jamie Noble
Kurt Angle
Scott Steiner
The Hurricane
Triple H
Matt Hardy
Shane Douglas
Tyson Tomko

Paul Heyman
Ric Flair
Ryan Walker
Simon Dean
Stevie Richards
The Masked ICON
Val Venis


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