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SKCW Tables : Kurt Angle Table
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From: MSN NicknameKurt_Angle_SKCW  (Original Message)Sent: 2/13/2009 1:58 AM

KurtAngle.jpg Kurt Angle picture by SGS33

Roleplay Title


Married To


Out Of Character


Kaylee Angle, Julianne Helmsley, Triple H, Matt Hardy, Kelli Hardy, Victoria, Alyssa Amidala, Andrea Amidala, Lindsey Moore

Kaylee Angle

SKCW: SKCW World Heavyweight Champion, SKCW Champion(2), SKCW Tag Team Champion

Hall of Greatness: SKCW/KSCWE Hall of Fame(January 2007), SKCW/KSCWE Superstars Hall of Legends(January 2007)

KSCWE: SCWE World Heavyweight Champion(5x), SD! World Heavyweight Champion(2x), WCW World Heavyweight Champion(4x), ECW World Heavyweight Champion(2x), SCWE Intercontinental Champion(2x), SCWE Tag Team Champion(3x), WCW Tag Team Champion(5x), SCWE European Champion, SCWE Xtreme Champion, WCW Hardcore Champion






"Side of a Bullet" hits the PA as The Crowd Begins To Chant Angle
KurtAngleEntrance.jpg Kurt Angle Entrance picture by MrDVD368
:Kurt enters the ring and does his signature spin around taunt before getting a microphone:
KurtRing.jpg Kurt Angle Ring picture by MrDVD368Kurt Angle:
"Side Of a Bullet" hits as Kurt heads to the back
TBC by: ???






O R   O M C   R O

Angles.jpg Kurt/Kaylee picture by SGS33

bb2.jpg picture by marrisaKSCWE1010

file://Disclaimer: This Layout Was Kelli-Made For Scott's Use As Kurt Angle Only Through SKCW And Blondie Baby. If I Find That Any Part Of This Table Has Been Taken, Altered In Any Way, Used Without Permission, You Will Be Severely Bitched At! *loads her gun* Now Back Away From The Layout, Slowly!

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     re: Kurt Angle Table   MSN NicknameKurt_Angle_SKCW  2/13/2009 1:59 AM