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Two Hearts 
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This site celebrates the life of

I ask that you take time to share your thoughts and memories, to smile, laugh, and remember her with joy.  I know each of you has something special to contribute because ery touched each of your lives in a very unique way.  You are all welcomed and encouraged to share memories, poems, favorite songs, and your thoughts to enhance this celebration of her. 

As you will all agree, that is how ery lived ?in her wonderfully creative, uniquely elegant, impishly joyful, and humbly courageous ways ?she found a way to celebrate life and share her kindness, caring, and beauty with you. 

I ask that you be mindful that this is a General Community and will be read by both her Off Line as well as On Line family and friends.  Therefore I ask that you please keep your posts within the guidelines that govern a General Community.  If you plan to include a siggie, please let it be one of flowers.  she loved her flowers.

Please visit as often as you wish and pages will be added over time ... ery *smiles sweetly* made some special things for many of you that she wanted you to have. 

Thank you for being a part of this celebration.



As much as ery loved her roses and other flowers,
she did not wish for any to be sent.
Instead, she asked that family and friends donate to the:

Multiple Myeloma Foundation.

Please click on the rose below to go to the Main page for this site. 
Once you are there, click on Donations 


If anyone is uncomfortable doing this, feel free to
donate to The American Cancer Society or your
local Battered Womans Shelter


Please click below to express
your thoughts and memories