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Roleplays : ¦♠?Starting With A Bang.¦♠?/FONT>
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From: MSN Nicknameρυяєρєяfє¢тισи?/nobr>  (Original Message)Sent: 1/3/2009 9:47 PM

Roleplay Title: ¦♠?Starting With A Bang.¦♠?/FONT>
People Involved: Read
Relationship Status: Dating Talyn Cash
Achievements: XPW Extreme Champion [4x]
Out Of Character: MSN is being its usual self and said my roleplay was too long so this is going to be part one. I am going to have to break my roleplay up into two parts.

.x.The Main Attraction

 Jacob Clarke has been given the opportunity of his professional career on Onslaught. He's getting a World Heavyweight Championship match against the champion; Matt Marsay. Jacob in his wildest dream would imagine that he would be getting this match especially after his match against Ryan Gilroy. Jacob Clarke lost the match and wouldn't be able get another match for briefcase that contended the number one contendership for any championship in Blood Gore Wrestling. Now he's getting a match that he's always wanted since coming to Blood Gore Wrestling. He was told that he once again impressed Matt Reynolds and that is why he was put into this match. Was this a late Christmas present from Matt Reynolds to Jacob Clarke? Whether that might be the case or not, he's getting a top championship match on Onslaught and that is what matters the most to him. He's not going to let this opportunity slip from his hands like the previous one did. He's going to give this match everything that he has and this time he's not going to be walking out of the arena empty handed. He's going to be walking out with the World Heavyweight Championship belt in his hands and his name engraved in the nameplate. Jacob mentioned before that the year two thousand nine was going to the year of Jacob Clarke. There isn't any other way better to start the year off the becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion. It would be the biggest upset in the history of Blood Gore Wrestling. A lower named talent walking into a huge match with the exception of losing since he's a lower ranked and hasn't been in the company but managing to pull out a huge victor that nobody would expect. Jacob has always been told that he's not the ideal wrestler of this day of age. To be the ideal wrestler of this age a wrestler had to be at least seven feet tall and weighed more then two hundred fifty pounds, in another terms be a powerhouse. Jacob doesn't fit that description, in fact he's completely the opposite. He's openly admitted that he's not the strongest or the biggest wrestler but he's managed to get to the main stage; Blood Gore Wrestling. Winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Matt Marsay would have paid off of all the sacrifices Jacob made on the way to the top. All of the long hours of training and working for dead end promotions would finally payoff. He would have something to show for all his hard work and he could say that he officially made it in the wrestling business he has made told otherwise. By becoming champion Jacob Clarke would satisfy himself as one of thee top wrestlers of this company. No longer would he be overlooked by others. He isn't doing this just to prove himself but he's doing this for himself. He wants to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. The only man that's standing in Jacob's path of becoming champion is Matt Marsay. He's been the only man in Blood Gore Wrestling to defeat Jason White which led to his retirement. Matt Marsay hasn't had any challengers for his championship since winning. Jacob is going to be the first one to step up to plate to challenge Matt Marsay for the championship. Matt may view Jacob as someone he could easily walk over and have his first successful win but that is not going to the case this time. He's learned from his mistake in that match and is not going to make them again. He might have lost to Ryan Gilroy but he's moved on and for some reason its not having a metal effect on him like people would think. Jacob is looking forward to the leader of Generation of Innovation and also taking him out. He hasn't forgotten what happened to Talyn when she was ringside for his match against Ryan Gilroy. Not only beating Matt Marsay down and taking his World Heavyweight Championship would be the ultimate message of revenge of the actions that happened. He doesn't care that they're numbers are stacked up against him, either way he's getting his revenge and becoming the new world heavyweight champion. He knows he's been given chances and this might be the very last chance he has at championship gold, not the Extreme Championship but the top prize that every wrestler in Blood Gore Wrestling wants to have and eventually hold. Currently there is an ongoing World Heavyweight Championship Tournament going on with several individuals but only one will be declared the winner. Jacob Clarke has been given the card to skip the tournament and challenge for the championship. Anyone in the tournament would literally kill to have the position Jacob Clarke has been given by Matt Reynolds. Jacob Clarke has been calling himself the Main Attraction of Blood Gore Wrestling since he's come to the company. Since then he's had nothing to show for it but he's getting put in the main event of Onslaught for the World Heavyweight Championship. He's going in as the underdog of the match but that's something Matt Marsay is familiar to as well since he was in the same position that Jacob is currently when he came to Blood Gore Wrestling. Wrestlers like Jason White and Dave Wilson repeatedly told Matt Marsay that he would never make in this business but he proved them both wrong by becoming champion. If Matt is going to do the same to Jacob, that would only make him a hypocrite.

Are you sure about this, Jacob? " Those were that could be heard as the scene was opening in a hotel room. It was about seven o'clock in New York and it was already dark outside. There were some things thrown around the room. The sound of a children's cartoon coming from the speakers of an flat LCD screen television that was on wall. Jasmine was sitting on the large queen sized bed with a few of her new toys Jacob and Talyn got her for Christmas. The both of them spent Christmas together with Jacob's family, it was the first holiday the two of them spent together as a couple. Jacob couldn't be anymore happier then he is right now with Talyn back in his life. Winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Matt Marsay would be the icing on the cake for Jacob. The scene continues to
unfold as the bathroom door is half way opened. The voices of both Jacob and Talyn can be heard coming from the bathroom. Jacob was sitting in chair in the center of the bathroom with Talyn standing behind him with some black hair die. Jacob wanted to change completely who he was and having the blond hair wasn't something he wanted to have anymore. Jacob was known for his good looks and charming ways but wanted change since he didn't feel about himself the same way. He still knew that he was good looking and has a lot of confidence about himself.  Both of Jacob's arms were both covered now in tattoos of tribal signs but all of them stood for something that meant to him. He knows that a makeover isn't going to get him the World Heavyweight Championship belt in his hands but this was the beginning of a new Jacob Clarke. This would be a side that the people haven't seen of him before but they will soon enough. " I am sure about this. " Said Jacob as he looked himself at the mirror. Talyn began covering Jacob's blond hair with the black die. She ran her hands through his hair until she covered every spot on his head. When she was finished, Talyn walked over to the sink and washed it from her hands. She walked out of the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Jacob stood from the chair and turned on the shower and stepped inside. He let the warm water through his hair and washed the remains of it out of his hair. He soon finished washing and stepped out of the show and picked up the white towel from the rack and dried off his hair. Jacob once again looked himself in the mirror but this time he saw a reflection of a different man then before. He put his clothes back on and put the wet towel back on the rack before walking out of the bathroom. Talyn is sitting on the bed with Jasmine in her arms and relaxing. She looks over at Jacob as he walks over and puts on his black hoodie jacket. He put the hood over his head and walked over to the bed. He joined Talyn and Jasmine on the bed. He rested back on the bed and sat up on his elbow and looked over at Talyn.

ce8a0e81.jpg picture by Vadim08

//Jacob Clarke: " Well, what do you think about the change? "

//Talyn Cash: " It's different then what I am use to seeing everyday but I actually don't mind the change of look. I don't think that I am going to miss the blond hair that much. I think that I like your new look more then what before you looked like. I am digging your new look and I think that you look hot. "

//Jacob Clarke: " That's been part my plan from beginning but I am glad that you like it. I think that I am going to stay like this for a while before I change again. Don't think that this is something I do every year because it isn't. I don't think that my previous was suited to the way that I am feeling right now. This change isn't just about my appearance. I am still the same person you know Talyn but just with a different look. I am not going to change my ways out of the ring, only inside of the squared ring. Everyone is going to see a different side of Jacob Clarke then they are use to seeing. "

//Talyn Cash: " You've been thinking about the championship match, haven't you? I can tell that you have been. I know how important it is to you but you can't let it cloud your mind. I hope this change phase that you are going through won't a waste for you. "

//Jacob Clarke: I know I have been thinking about the match since it was announced before the holiday break. You would have been thinking about the match if you were in my position. I know what I am doing Talyn. This is what I am have working for since the day I decided to become a wrestler. This is what every wrestler dreams about having one day in his career but I am getting my opportunity now instead of later. This isn't just a match for any other championship belt in this company like the Extreme Championship. This match is going to be for the top prize of Blood Gore Wrestling; The World Heavyweight Championship. I've never had the opportunity for the World Heavyweight Championship in any of the past wrestling organizations that I have been in the past up until now. This match could be my last chance at having championship gold in Blood Gore Wrestling. I don't know how may more chances I could be getting if I win again lose this match.  The last time I had an opportunity at the number one contendership contract briefcase, I walked out empty handed with nothing in my hands but a defeat over my head. I gave everything I had in that match but it wasn't enough. I had nothing to show for it in the end. I was forced to watch Gilroy celebrate with the rest of Generation of Innovation. He was holding the briefcase that I was suppose to be holding in my hands. It was the first defeat that I've had so far since I've been in Blood Gore Wrestling. I've been undefeated before that match but what do numbers even mean anyway? They are just single digits. I am not going to lose again. Matt Reynolds either has faith in me or he just wants me to do his dirty work for him by taking out one of the members of Generation of Innovation. Either way, I am the one that is going to be benefit out of this the most.  Matt Reynolds impressed isn't going to get me the World Heavyweight Championship belt in my hands and I wouldn't want it to be handed to be either. Having him impressed by my performance can only get me so far but I know the rest is up to me. I am going to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. I said before that the year of two-thousand-nine is going to the year of Jacob Clarke. There is no better way to start off this year then becoming the top champion. Matt Marsay has lost himself in all of the attention he's been getting from everyone since he was able to knock off Jason White from being champion. He's forgotten that he's no different then I am but the small difference is that I am not entirely like him. I respect Matt Marsay as a wrestler but not as a human being. I don't condone the actions of putting my hands on a woman to make myself look better. He made it look acceptable for Gilroy to attack a woman, not any random woman but you specifically. "

//Talyn Cash: " I did not expect to see that coming when I didn't anything wrong expect watch the match. I didn't do anything to deserve getting superkicked. I can't say what I think about what he did with Jasmine sitting with us. Come to think about it. There wouldn't be any other to deplete Generation of Innovation's momentum by taking out their World Heavyweight Champion and taking the belt too. I hope that at the end of the match Matt Marsay is going to laid out on his back and feeling the most excruciating pain that he has ever felt. "

//Jacob Clarke: " When did you start having these thoughts? I've never heard of you talking like this before. "

//Talyn Cash: " You know that saying, hell hath no fury like a woman scored? "

//Jacob Clarke: " Yes. "

//Talyn Cash: " The reason why you've never heard of me talk in that tone of voice is because you've never done anything to me babe. But at least now you know what you'll have up against you if you ever decided to anything but I know that would never cross your mind. "

//Jacob Clarke: " Thanks for the heads up babe. "

//Talyn Cash: " How about I put Jasmine down and we can continue our conversation? "

Jacob agreed and took Jasmine into his arms and told her goodnight after kissing her on the head. Jasmine wasn't Jacob's biological daughter but he still loved her if she was like his own. He lightly rubbed her back and gave her back to Talyn. Talyn took some clothes with her to the bathroom so that she could get Jasmine ready bed. Jacob was in left alone in the room but could hear sounds coming from the bathroom. Jacob rested back on the bed and stretched out his arms once more and closed his eyes. Jacob thought about what Talyn said earlier that it wasn't right for Ryan Gilroy to attack her no reason. He wasn't going to let that slide he was going to make sure that he sends a message to the group. He was focused on Matt Marsay and taking the World Heavyweight Championship from him. He knows that this match could be the last championship chance. He's going to do everything and anything needed to be announced the winner of the match. Matt Marsay is going to literally force Jacob down to the mat until he can't move anymore because Jacob is only going to get up and come back harder then before.

(c.) cruel intentions at daf.

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