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The beginning of a new era in Shimmer Wrestling Alliance is upon the company. A new Undisputed Champion will be crowned before Shatter Glass goes off live television. At the recent pay per view; Legacy, Dave Wilson become the official number one contender for the Undisputed Championship after winning his match against Matt Ward. Dave Wilson has the right to challenge the champion at any given time. The management team of Shimmer Wrestling Alliance opposed the thought of waiting for a pay per view to have the championship match and instead the match is going to be taking place at the first Shatter Glass show since the company has gone through some major changes in the recent week. The main event of the show is going feature; Dave Wilson viruses Chris Jericho for the Undisputed Championship. Dave Wilson has patiently waited for this opportunity to come his way since he stepped foot inside of this company. He’s been watching how the championship belt has been devalued by all of the former champions and current champion. There hasn’t been admirable champion in Shimmer Wrestling Alliance but that is going to change exceedingly soon. Dave Wilson will be walking out of Shatter Glass as the new champion of the company. This is going to be the second time Dave Wilson will be holding the Undisputed Championship. He held it before in a different wrestling promotion before coming to Shimmer Wrestling Alliance. This time around is not going to be any different than before, he’s going to once yet again become champion. Finally, the company is going to have a represent able champion and someone who actually has the ability and talent to hold the belt. Chris Jericho has been enjoying his reign as Undisputed Champion since the time he has won it. Although many can argue over that if Dave Wilson was the champion from beginning then his match would have different conclusion. He’s also been enjoying that he’s only had to wrestle lower card talent which is the majority of Shimmer Wrestling Alliance. Defeating a wrestler that was popular on the Indy scene and over the internet but he has never stepped foot inside of the ring with Dave Wilson, the two of them have never crossed paths until now. The one mistake Chris Jericho can make is to underestimate Dave Wilson thinking that he’s like everyone else because evidently that isn’t the case. Dave Wilson isn’t like everyone else in Shimmer Wrestling Alliance; he’s one in the million and is superior to the entire talent combined together. There hasn’t been one wrestler in Shimmer Wrestling Alliance who has been able to stop the force as known Dave Wilson. He has an ongoing unattainable record streak without a single defeat and its going to be continuing after Shatter Glass. This is going to be Chris Jericho’s first and final championship defense because Dave Wilson will be walking out as the new Undisputed Champion. There is nothing that Chris Jericho can do to stop destiny from happening. No matter what he’s going to say or do can alter the outcome of this championship match. He’s going to end up like all the rest of the opponents Dave Wilson have faced in the past, they will all say that they’re better than him but in the end, it’s Dave Wilson who will be walking out. Chris Jericho can take a note of Matt Ward’s intelligent move for not showing up for the match so that he wouldn’t get humiliated by Dave Wilson. Dave doesn’t want Chris Jericho taking the signature move from Matt Ward’s playbook of not showing up, that would be too easy. He wants Chris Jericho to show up for the match and at least lose with some dignity like the honest and righteous man that he so claims to be. Dave Wilson has been in Shimmer Wrestling Alliance for several months and has thus far to face a real challenge. Chris Jericho is the top champion of the company so that would let Dave presuppose that he actually has some talent but that is still yet to be seen. For one definite fact that can be said is that The Perfectionist known as Dave Wilson will become Undisputed Champion.

Shatter Glass returns back from its commercial break and the cameras are going around the ring and through the people cheering in their seats and waiting for something to happen on the show. All of the sudden "Headstrong" By Trapt plays over the personal announce system. Dave Wilson’s custom video plays on the large screen of the titiantron showing clips from his past and present of him. The lights in the arena darken and a couple of silver lights flash over the arena. The camera’s move closer to the entrance stage and wait for the man that calls himself The Perfectionist. The cameras continue to focus on the