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Mïk? -- Welcome To My World --Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Roleplays : ».One In A Million.« [Thread]
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From: MSN Nicknameρυяєρєяfє¢тισи?/nobr>  (Original Message)Sent: 2/8/2009 1:06 AM

DaveTop.jpg picture by Canadianpunk74

Roleplay Title: ».One In A Million.«
People Mentioned/ People Used: Read
Relationship Status: Single
Achievements: SWA X-Division Champion [C/1x], SWA Tag Team Champion [C/1x]
Out of Character:

DaveMiddle.jpg picture by Canadianpunk74

dc0aec46.jpg picture by Vadim08
The scene opens up in the arena of the parking lot where a black 2008 BMW 3 Series enters the arena at a speed of sixty miles of an hour but slowly slows down and comes to an empty space. The engine of the car is heard turned off and the front  driver's side door opens all the way. A man that is wearing black shoes, blue faded jeans, a black North Face Jacket with a silver Age Of Wilson t-shirt underneath, a gold Rolex watch. This time it would only be Dave Wilson and not anyone else stepping outside of the passenger door. His marriage with Brie Guerrero has been called off and what could have been with Kaitlyn Monroe is gone since she decided to leave the company. From now on, its only going to be about Dave Wilson and not an old flame who tried and failed to rekindle the love they had before. He's going to be only focusing on his professional career and becoming the next Undisputed Champion. There is always going to be a time for relationships in his life, women throw themselves at Dave all the time. Dave closes his eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath before exhaling the air from his mouth. Dave walks over the passenger side of and takes out his black Nikkie bag and pulls out his X-Division Championship belt and Tag Team Championship belt. Dave puts both of the championships over his right shoulder and closes the door. He locks the car and puts the keys into pants pocket. Dave made his way out of the parking lot and entered the hallway, he saw a few wrestlers leaning against the wall and watching him make every step. Dave took another step forward and smirked, he knew that all of them admired him and all wanted to be like him. Dave Wilson is the first man to hold both championships at the same time and soon he's going to become the number one contender for the Undisputed Championship. Soon enough Dave Wilson will be adding more championship gold to his collection and will solidify him as the top wrestler of Shimmer Wrestling Alliance. Dave begins walking again leaving the other wrestlers behind and walks down the hallway. He comes in front of his locker room door where it reads "Mr. Wilson" in gold letters. As Dave Wilson walks into his room, he's rather surprised to see his tag team partner and...for the most part...friend, Chance Kennedy in there. She wore nothing more then a significantly short white and baby pink dress, with a pair of baby pink heels to match, her hair was down and she seemed quite comfortable on the couch in his locker room, as she was laid out, with her feet up.

//Dave Wilson: " Comfortable? " Dave said as he walked over and put down his black Nikkie sports bag down and he took off both of his championship belts and put them down on the table.

//Chance Kennedy: " Quite, actually. " She responded, as she sat up on the couch, planting both of her feet to the floor. Dave already saw the bottle of his Krystal champagne opened and with two filled glasses placed on the table. Chance must have started her pre celebration without him. He walked over to the leather couch and sat down next to Chance. This was first time the two of them have been alone without the cameras on them or Chance's assistant.She brought her own glass up to her lips, taking a sip as she handed him a glass of his own. She'd sent Paula to run some pre and post-match errands so she could have some 'alone time' to think over her 'huge' match coming up at Legacy...and she was definitely ready to become a dual champion.

//Dave Wilson: " What are we drinking to? "
Dave took the glass of champagne into his hand as he looked at Chance with a glance.

//Chance Kennedy: " Hmm...for good measure?" she said, shrugging her shoulders. "To you and I becoming two of the greatest stars this company has to offer. To my becoming the Vixen's Champion and to you becoming Undisputed Champion. "

//Dave Wilson: " Seeing as I have to face Matt Ward for the contendership tonight, its going to happen sooner then you think. Both of us are going to have the top championships from each respective divisions. "

//Chance Kennedy: " Why naturally, Mr. Wilson " she said, with a cocky smirk on her face. "And why wouldn't we be? We are the hottest, most talented competitors that this company has to offer, it's only fitting that we hold the top prize. "

//Dave Wilson: " What are your thoughts about Matt Ward? "

//Chance Kennedy: " Who the fuck is Matt Ward?! "

//Dave Wilson: " You know... Brie Guerrero's latest toyfuck. He claims to be one thee greatest wrestlers of all time and he was close to defeating Chris Jericho for the World Championship in WCW as he claims. "

//Chance Kennedy: " The greatset of all time? I am looking at the greatest and it certainly isn't Matt Ward. The guy may be good at picking up everyone else's left overs but, in that ring, he's no where nearing being great! "

//Dave Wilson: " He's a complete joke and I am going to humiliate him and expose him for the pathetic wrestler that he claims to be. " Dave feels Chance's hand pressing firmly against his chest.

//Chance Kennedy: " You see Dave" she began, as she leaned in to him some "That is exactly why I went out there that night. I see amazing potential in you and, Brie was only holding you back. Now that you don't have her or anyone else to hold you down, you'll be the champion in no time. You'll blow past Ward with ease. "

Chance finished her champagne glass and put it over on the table. She moved even closer to Dave as much as getting on top of his lap and straddling him down. " Hmm, when do you have to be ready for your match? " Dave knew exactly where this was going as he looked at her with a smirk. " In a few hours. " With a smirk on her face, she gently took his champagne glass out of his hand and placed it next to her. She gently ran the tip of her index finger up and down his chest, with a smirk on her face. " A few hours hmm? Want a good luck charm? " She asked, with a smile on her face that seemed to match his.He nodded his head, licking his lips slowly as Chance leaned in, even closer to him, planting a kiss on his lips. His hands managed to find their way to her hips, holding her on his lap as the two continued to kiss, her hands wrapping gently around his neck. The scene begins to fade away into darkness as Dave literally rips off Chance's dress. The scene turns black as in moments, moaning and screaming could be heard througout the hallways with leaving the people with their imagation of what is happening between Dave Wilson and Chance Kennedy.

Legacy returns back from its commercial break and the cameras are going around the ring and through the people cheering in their seats and waiting for something to happen on the show. All of the sudden "Headstrong" By Trapt plays over the personal announce system. Dave Wilson’s custom video plays on the large screen of the titiantron showing clips from his past and present of him. The lights in the arena darken and a couple of silver lights flash over the arena. The camera’s move closer to the entrance stage and wait for the man that calls himself The Perfectionist. The cameras continue to focus on the stage and behind from the curtain Dave Wilson appears. Dave Wilson walks out onto the stage and looks around for a moment at all of the people and he knows all of them desire they could be him but they can’t. Dave puts his arms out doing his signature pose and a rain of fireworks falls down behind him. The people watching the unsurpassed superstar in this company, they can’t their eyes off him. All of the women cheering loudly but they wish they were doing something that would make them make loud sounds but sadly none of them could ever have him. Dave Wilson puts his hands down and starts to make his way down to the ring on the steel ramp way. The ring announcer who is Lillian Garcia brings the microphone to her lips and starts to introduce Dave Wilson. Announcer: " Please Welcome, The X-Division Champion and one half of the Tag Team Champion's, Dave Wilson! Dave smiles at hearing his own name being called. Dave Wilson stops for a moment and looks at the fans as this the closest they ever get to perfection. Dave walks over to the steel steps and walks by them step by step and gets on the ring apron. He bends down between the ropes and gets into the ring. Dave walks over to the nearest rope and climbs onto the second rope. He once again poses with his arms out doing his pose and closes his eyes for a quick second before opening them again. Dave puts his hands down and comes down from the turnbuckle. Lillian Garcia hands Dave her microphone and exits the ring. Dave Wilson comes to the center of the ring and looks around as the music fades away and the lights come back to normal lighting. He brings the microphone by his mouth and starts to speak.

4599b4e3.jpg picture by Vadim08
//Dave Wilson: " I've been waiting patiently for this moment to come ever since I came to Shimmer Wrestling Alliance. I've been watching everything unfold in this company for the last few months. I've seen the wrong people have been named champions of this company, I've heard these so called wrestlers claim that they're the top of this company. It's a shame to see what this company has come down to but soon enough there are going to be some major changes to a place and the first process of the change is going to happen tonight at Legacy. I have a number one contenders match against Matt Ward for the Undisputed Championship. I've been waiting for this opportunity to come for a long time and I could say that its long overdue for me to receive this match. It has taken the management team this long to realise that I am the top star in this company. It has taken them this long to see what has become of this company. It has become a complete joke compared to what it was before. These so called wrestlers here care more about who they're going to be waking up next morning in bed with or they're currently dating. This company has turned away the attention from wrestling and has become one bad reality show. The reality show is getting canceled tonight after I am named the official number one contender for the Undisputed Championship. I am not going to be sitting on the sidelines and watch this company sink even lower then it already has. I've been waiting long enough for this opportunity to come and I plan to take full advantage of it. It's going to be my time to shine in Shimmer Wrestling Alliance and no longer will you people ever have to hear the names of Brock Johnson, Randy Orton nor John Cena in the headlines of this company. The only one true name that you people are going be talking from now on is going be Dave Wilson. You people might not like it or not but you know its the truth. Ever since I've signed a contract to this company, I've been the fastest rising wrestler here in this company. It shouldn't surprise you people, it was only bound to happen and I have the championship gold to prove it. -Dave lowers the microphone for a moment and holds up his X-Division Championship belt and Tag Team Championship belt. He smirks as the people continue jeering towards him but as always he ignored the people. Dave brought the microphone back by his lips.- The success that I've achieved is only going to grow even higher. The only obstacle that is standing in front of me, from being the Undisputed Champion is Matt Ward. As many of you already know, tonight Matt Ward is my opponent for the Undisputed Championship contendership. Only one of us is going to be able to walk out tonight with the victory and people, you are looking at the man that is going to be walking out as the winner. If you people actually think that Matt Ward stands a chance against me then either your dead wrong or all of you people are unintelligent enough to figure it out on your own. You people string on to whatever Matt Ward says even its complete bullshit. Matt Ward claims that he's the top wrestler of this company and he's going to be writing a new chapter in his story book after Legacy. The only chapter that Matt Ward is going to be writing is about how Dave Wilson exposed him for being a pathetic excuse of a wrestler that isn't worth anything. Matt when you were a little boy, did your parents ever tell you that not all stories have happy endings? They gave you an illusion that the good guy always conquers the bad guy. That is not how your story is going to end because when the match is over, I am going to be one standing and you're going to be the one lying on your back. "

Dave moves away the microphone from his lips as he pauses and looks at the people, he knew that he was getting to them and he wanted it to be that way. He knew if they're weren't any of the security guards ringside then someone would have attempted to try and get in the ring and defend Matt Ward. Dave brings the microphone back by his mouth and begins speaking.

//Dave Wilson: " The only reason why Matt Ward is in this match is because Brie Guerrero pleaded to Elena Gutierrez to put him in this match. If this match was based on talent and people who actually deserve it then Matt Ward would no where near a contendership for the Undisputed Championship, yet alone any. Matt Ward has yet to even have his first match here and already he's being pushed to the main event status. Matthew, accepting this match might have sounded perfect for you when Brie was telling you about how much better you're then me but its not. Accepting this match against me was a wrong decision to make or did Brie manipulate you into it? Did she tell you that you actually stand a chance against me? She's only ling to herself because she knows exactly what I am capable of doing in this ring, especially to someone who is inexperienced like you. I have it on good authority that you were never even close of becoming the World Heavyweight Champion in World Championship Wrestling. Chris Jericho defeated you to retain the championship. Is your entire career based on lies, Matt Ward? Just like you claim that everything you are - I am. I've been Undisputed and World Heavyweight Champion before in other wrestling promotions before coming here. I know what its like being the face of a company and having everyone trying to get a championship belt off. I am already a double champion with an undefeated record, what the fuck have you recently done since coming to Shimmer Wrestling Alliance? You've done absolutely nothing but have my sloppy seconds of Brie Guerrero. How does it feel to know that if we were still together, she would not even look twice at you. The whole Guerrero family hated me because I was the perfect man for Brie to be with unlike Eve who's been with several men and her children have different fathers. I was only trying to prevent Brie becoming exactly like Eve but I see its too late and honestly I could care less. She's only trying to replace me and she found you but she perfectly knows that I am the original copy and there will no ever be anybody else like me. Dave Wilson is one in a million. My only advice to you Matt Ward is not to bring Brie down ringside and try to impress her. I don't think that you want your girlfriend to see her new boyfriend getting beaten down by the inch of his life and not be able to do anything about it. Brie, I hope your prepared to witness what I am going to do to Matt Ward. After this match, I am going to be one step closer to becoming the next Undisputed Champion. "

Dave Wilson drops the microphone down on the mat as ''Headstrong'' by Trapt plays over the personal announce system. Dave looks around at the crowd of the people as they still give him a mixed reaction. Dave walks over to the ropes and exits the ring. He walks on the steel rampway with his back turned against the camera. He makes his way to the rampway and comes to the back curtain. Legacy goes to a commercial break as the camera fades away into darkness.

DaveBottom.jpg picture by Canadianpunk74