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From: MSN Nicknameρυяєρєяfє¢тισи?/nobr>  (Original Message)Sent: 2/14/2009 12:52 AM

DaveTop.jpg picture by Canadianpunk74

Roleplay Title: ».One In A Million.«
People Mentioned/ People Used: Read
Relationship Status: Single
Achievements: SWA X-Division Champion [C/1x], SWA Tag Team Champion [C/1x]
Out of Character: #2

DaveMiddle.jpg picture by Canadianpunk74

The Undisputed Championship, the top championship belt in Shimmer Wrestling Alliance. If a wrestler is privilege enough to hold the championship belt then he is considered the top wrestler of the company. Nobody can question his ability inside of the ring or outside it. He's the guy that everyone wants to be but only a few are able to make it. Being the Undisputed Champion can mean differently to certain people. It can mean for a wrestler that he's the top star in the company and for others the championship can bring money and fame. The most common wrestler looks for the fame and money that comes along with the spotlight and the right of calling himself the top champion. The Undisputed Championship has a different meaning for Dave Wilson. Being champion for Dave Wilson means the recognition that he rightfully deserves but yet to receive from anyone in Shimmer Wrestling Alliance. He's been told before by people in the past of his career that he's one of the few that don't need a gold championship belt to be known as the top. Unfortunately in Shimmer Wrestling Alliance unless a wrestler wears that belt then he means nothing. Dave Wilson already is the X-Division Champion and Tag Team Champion with Chance Kennedy but being thee top champion of this company would the ultimate accomplish that recently achieved since coming. Shimmer Wrestling  Alliance hasn't had a creditable champion since it has opened. Surely, Ted Dibiase was the first ever Undisputed Champion but that championship region ended shortly and then Triple H was handed the championship by the owner of this company. Triple H getting handed the championship only devalued the championship more then it already was. Shimmer Wrestling Alliance hasn't had a notable champion in ages but that is soon going to change. Dave Wilson is going to be winning his number one contendership match for the Undisputed Championship against Matt Ward. Matt Ward has never been a top championship competitor or a main event wrestler status. He's a only a lower card wrestler that has managed to get a couple of wins under his belt and Dave Wilson's ex-fiancee. Dave Wilson has said before and made it very clear that the only reason he's in this match to begin with was since Brie Guerrero wants to become something instead a waste of space. Its shame that Brie thinks that Matt Ward can be a replacement for her. Matt Ward will never be able to replace Dave Wilson as wrestler or person. Matt Ward shouldn't even mention in the same sentence as Dave Wilson he's that far off his league. He's never held a World Championship title despite his claims that he was close of beating Chris Jericho in World Championship Wrestling. That was then and Dave Wilson is no Chris Jericho. Matt Ward doesn't know what Dave Wilson is capable of doing in the ring, basically Matt Ward is fucked. He doesn't stand chance against The Perfectionist; Dave Wilson. He's going to regret for listening to Brie and accepting this match against Dave. Hopefully he doesn't bring Brie Guerrero down ringside for the match to try and impress her but then again, Dave wouldn't mind seeing the look of Brie's face when she sees her so boyfriend getting beaten down helplessly and can't defend himself. Tonight at the pay per view that is hours away, Dave Wilson is going to be implementing his own Legacy. The scene opens up outside of Brooklyn, New York, the site of where Legacy is going to be taking place. A large sporting arena is shown on the screen. The scene quickly transcends into the sold out arena filled with fans patiently waiting for the pay per view matches to officially begin. The cameras switch over to the floor eye level of Dave Wilson's locker room. It's been a few hours since Dave Wilson or Chance Kennedy had been seen little did everyone know what was going between them. Chance with her back to the camera leans down and picks up her bra and thong. Dave Wilson was already changed into his wrestling attire since his match was the first one the pay per view
88c1415a.jpg picture by Vadim08
card. It will surely leave a long lasting impression on the fans throughout the entire night but considering his opponent is Matt Ward. The match could be more in a few seconds or minutes depending of how long Dave Wilson wants to expose Matt Ward for being a joke to this business. Dave walks over to the sofa and picks up his X-Division Championship and Tag Team Championship belt. He straps the belts over both of his shoulders. He was truly the golden man of this company and soon will adding a third championship to his collection. Dave walks over to the door and walks out of his locker room, closing the door behind him. He begins walking down the hallway with confident look on his face but at the same time focused. Dave Wilson continues walking down the hallway as he passes a few wrestlers that aren't booked at the pay per view but still decided to show up. At the corner of the hallway, Michael Cole appears with a microphone in right hand and he walks over to Dave Wilson. He already knew that he probably wanted an interview and since Dave needed a few things to say about the match.

//Michael Cole: " Dave Wilson, can I get a word with you about your upcoming match for Undisputed Championship contendership against Matt Ward? "

//Dave Wilson: " Yes...

//Michael Cole: " What are your thoughts going into this match? This will be the first time that you've been chosen for a contendership match for one of the two top championships. "

//Dave Wilson: "
Haven't I made my intentions clear enough? This has been a long time coming and overdue for them to realise that I was one of their top stars in this company. Did they finally get a reality check that the champions they currently have don't equal the standards of what a real champion is? For the last few months this company has been looked as a joke of the people that are holding the gold. Everyone here has been too busy focusing on their relationships and took the attention off the wrestling. I've been watching and waiting patiently until my time came. My mind was clouded with dark clouds and I was merely distracted from my main goal. I was too busy trying to please everyone else but myself. I had to pretend to be someone that I wasn't for the benefit of other people. I am finished trying be that person and from now on I am only going to do things that are only going to benefit me in the long run. When I become the official number one contender for the Undisputed Championship, a change is going to happen in Shimmer Wrestling Alliance. I will rightfully hold what I should have since the day I stepped my foot into this company. I shouldn't even have to be in this match for the contendership for the Undisputed Championship but since I have to show them that I deserve it. What I find more of a joke then this match is who I am facing against. Matt Ward has done nothing since coming to Shimmer Wrestling Alliance. He's yet to have his first match in this company and already he's be shot up to the top of the rankings. Half of the people don't even know his name or who he is or if even exists. Matt Ward will be only know for leeching on to Brie Guerrero and take the little success she has. He's going to do everything he can to get on the entire Guerrero family said, something that I refused to do. They couldn't have made this match for me any easier then it was. "

//Michael Cole: " Recently, we've learned that Matt Ward lost his ex girlfriend in murder accident... "

//Dave Wilson: "
Hold on... Are you going to ask me next if I have any sympathy for Matt Ward's ex girlfriend's death? Do I look like someone that would have any sympathy for Matt Ward? If you're expecting a heart warm answer to this question then you've asked the wrong person. Matt Ward is an attention whore and will do or say anything to have people talking about him. He was the one that felt needed to bring this and for everyone to have pity for him. I have no compassion for people like him or for his ex girlfriend.

DaveBottom.jpg picture by Canadianpunk74