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Name Candy
Nickname MSN NicknameUSAmeetsUK
Location Western New York, USA
Interests Genealogy, Internet, England, Scotland ...and my wonderful grandkids
2007 will become a very good year for us here in UK2USA Friends.  We're turning over a new leaf as of today.  For those who have made this group such a nice and pleasing passtime, Robyn and I would like to thank you.  We've been through alot over the years and made some good strong friendships in the process.  These are friendships that will last.  As we begin this new year we're thinking about some changes.  As we work them out we'll keep you all informed.  There won't be anything earth shattering but we're taking some steps to protect our members from cyber-predators.
Home Page
Updated 1/5/2007
Name Brian
Nickname MSN NicknameDasDratsab1
Location West Midlands
Interests People, situations, talking.
I enjoy the Company of this Group, it has something to offer for everyone, especially Good Friendly People. It's been the greatest of fun meeting so many of you at the two Group meetings.
Any thoughts about a venue for the next meeting? North? South? East? West?
Home Page
Updated 10/26/2007
Name Robyn
Nickname MSN NicknameMnMischief
Location Minnesota, USA
Interests people, conversation, antique cars, books, music
I've done some looking, and there isn't a group out there better than this one! This is a very caring friendly group!
Home Page
Updated 12/6/2005
Name mavis
Nickname MSN Nicknameravymavy
Location ellesmere port, cheshire
Interests people,reading,sewing, and of course my grandkids
ive been in this group now for a long time and intent to stay even longer have made some lovely friends,even met some of thegroup and wot a great wk-end it was, something never to be forgotten
can,t wait for the next meet!
Home Page
Updated 12/7/2005
Name Stephen
Nickname MSN NicknameDonno774
Location Lincolnshire ,,eastern side of England
Interests history ,,reading .my garden,travelling the world
hey ,,really impressed with your Group ..full of kindhearts and this smashing bond between our great countries
Home Page
Updated 12/8/2005
Name Jean
Nickname MSN Nickname1happyhiker
Location Scottish Highlands
Interests Hill-walking, Music, USA, Family Get-togethers.
It's nice to be a part of this group.......good fun and friendly chat!
Home Page
Updated 12/13/2005
Name Catherine
Nickname MSN Nicknamespottypaws
Location West Coast of Scotland
Interests Reading,Puzzles,Music ,Pets
This is a really nice,friendly group. Lots of boards to join in.
Home Page
Updated 1/5/2006
Name marion
Nickname MSN Nicknamemazzercat1
Location manchester,england
Interests cooking, eating out,reading, meeting new people, internet
Home Page
Updated 1/7/2006
Name Sandra
Nickname MSN NicknameScariestsandradee1
Location Droitwich, Worcs
Interests reading, gardening, travel, family
Hi I am Sandra, 51 years young and living with hubby Pete in Droitwich.  I work for a massive mail order company on the customer enquiry line - you never know you may have spoken to me  hahaha
I have two children, Andy 28 who has a little boy Lewis aged 3 - the light of my life and Kirsty 24 who is getting married this June 2006.
18 months ago I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer so I have been busy with operations and treatments etc, so far so good !
Don't have loads of time for pc and am still learning, sometimes it's a a bit of a struggle due to treatments etc because I get tired very easily but I am getting there, not exactly an IT bod, wish I was then I could sort out my mp3 player  lol
Hope to find more time to get to know you all.
Sandra x
Home Page
Updated 1/24/2006
Name Sue
Nickname MSN NicknameSueMac527
Location London, UK
Interests writing, reading, music, movies, family
Hi - I am happy to join your community.  I am from the UK  but love the USA.  My husband (now seperated) is from Michigan in USA so have travelled extensively there.  Have also been to Chicago and New York - nowhere down south which is unusual for us Brits visiting the USA.  Also went into Ontario, Canada for a ride on the snow train.  Looking for new friends.
Home Page
Updated 2/19/2006
Name Linda
Nickname Linda291055
Location Virginia USA
Interests Reading, listening to music, making jewelry and trivia of course!
A little more about me.  I'm recently separated soon to file for my divorce in the next two months.  Mother of two children, my son will be graduating high school this year and my daughter, who is in the US Air Force serving her second tour of duty in Iraq at this moment.
Sorry I haven't been in the chatroom.  Since it starts Friday evenings I'm not available at that time.  You see my work week begins on Friday afternoons.  I'm a Certified Nurse's Assistant and have chose to work Fridays and Sundays.  lol 16 hours both days, in other words, I do a weeks work in two days!  At any rate, hope to meet up with other group members in chat someday.  If you care to chat, just leave a message in the message room.
Home Page
Updated 3/23/2006
Name JAN
Nickname mexals
Home Page
Updated 4/11/2006
Name Rolande
Nickname BrownEyes
Location Dartford Kent UK
Interests Reading, Dancing, Having fun with Friends, Travel, eating out, Cooking, My Family

I am 59 years of age, a widow, French, live in the UK for 40 years. I have always worked in a financial role, and now retired. I have 1 son 2 grandsons all gown and flown the nest. Apart from Lewis who rather stay with his grandma. Prepared to enjoy life to the full now and want to make friends with both males and females.

I am looking for friendship and see what comes of it, you never know, I might find my soulmate along the way.

Home Page
Updated 4/13/2006
Name Dianne
Nickname MSN NicknameDeiTM
Location Norfolk. England
Interests Cross stitch. Computer. Family. Dogs
My name is Dianne , I am 58 ( 59 in May ) I live in North Norfolk in the area of The Norfolk Broads. I am married  ( 35 years ) with 3 children, a daughter and two sons plus a Granddaughter  (Lily May aged 2 )and a Grandson  (Adam James aged 18 months.) My hobby is cross stitch and playing on the puter . I help out during the week to look after the Grandchildren which certainly keeps me busy. 
Home Page
Updated 5/4/2006
Name valerie
Nickname val 555
Location worthing west sussex
Interests pc,photography,traveling
i have 3grown children,one grandson who is 13 he was born on my birthday so we usually have a meal out together as it was so hot this year we ate out on the patio,chinese is his favourite.we have been married 37 yrs in august,child bride at 18 lol.sons 34 and 26 daughter 32.youngest still at home.i am going to join the red hats ,worthing chapter,they have a parade along brighton seafront next friday.i joined a group in chicago when i was on holiday and have been trying to find a group locally you cant have to much fun!
Home Page
Updated 7/23/2006
Name Bob
Nickname MSN NicknameBobgibbs
Location Ripley N.Y.
Interests Football( Buffalo Bills), Guitar, Birdwatching, Some gardening, Watching People and Finding my English Ancestors
I am close friends with Robyn and Candy, in fact Iwent to School with both of them. I even had a high school crush on both of them( at different times of coarse)
 I'm Happily Married now to Janet who is the greatest person I know, and My best friend. I have three children and many grandchildren.
 I'd like to know about Stratford on Avon and my ancesters from there. My Great great grandfather William Henry Gibbs came from Stratford on Avon.
 I also think the greatest gift England ever gave United States is the Beatles. I have almost all there Alblums.
Home Page
Updated 7/26/2006
Name Tim
Nickname MSN NicknameMeritman777
Location Manchester uk
Interests Camping, Hiking, Diy, Model railways. Gardening and growing my own food
I am a quiet sort of person, who gets on with life and now I am retired, I can enjoy all the things I wish to do. For many years I have worked as a Paramedic. I am single and 58 years of age, but hey! does age matter, not at all. My moto is life is important look after yourself and enjoy this time you are here. Be nice to each other, be happy. Thanks for letting me join you all, would love to get to know some of you. Take care Tim.
Home Page
Updated 9/26/2006
Name rick
Nickname MSN NicknameUnstableMonster
Location pittsburgh, pennsylvania area
Interests writing, woodworking, gardening, reading, and a few other things.
I am new to this group, but I hope I can fit in and find friends here. I spend a good deal of time on the computer. I am retired, partly becauseof disabilities but for well over 30 years I was a professional land surveyor.
Home Page
Updated 10/14/2006
Name Jimmy
Nickname MSN Nicknamejamo790
Location Liverpool. UK
Interests Camping, Gardening, Walking, Music 60s,
I`m 51 yrs young, married for past 28 yrs  (still the light of my life), enjoy chatting to friends, meeting new friends and generally enjoying myself,
Home Page
Updated 10/14/2006
Name Billy
Nickname MSN Nicknamebillythegeordie
Location Newcastle upon Tyne
Interests Days out and holidays
Love all my friends in this group and I wish I could meet you all face to face
Home Page
Updated 10/19/2006
Name Jen
Nickname MSN NicknameAttractedTheliluni
Location Liverpool
Well am another of ravvy's  offspring (for my sins hehehehehe only joking ravvy )
I am 33, normally have lovely long red hair, which i hated at one point lol
Am happily divorced (thank god)
I have 3 adorable children, even if they are a handful lol.
Matthew is 14 typical teenager really, stroppy, argumentive, and thinks he's right all the time.
Haydn is 11 but 6 days off being 12 lol. he's sweet at times, looks like an angel, but hey looks are deceiving lol.
Kaylee is 10, ( going on 18) at times i think her stroppy teenager ways are worse than the boys at times, but shes a typical little girl, loves make-up (god knows why cos i dont lol) loves dresing up, but unfortunately her dress sense is a little ermmmmmm..... lets call it far out lol
I have a very lovely partner called Alan (who you will meet at the meeting )
They do say you have to kiss alot of toads before finding your prince charming, and thank god i dont have to kiss any more toads lol.
People tell me am a bubbly person, sometimes too happy and shiny lol.
but hey lifes too short to always see whats wrong with things.
I believe in appreciating the small little wonders that happen as well as the bigger ones.
Oh Yeah one more thing. Did i mention am mental about POOH BEAR
Home Page
Updated 10/21/2006
Name Lorraine
Nickname MSN Nicknamelorrie0421
Location Salisbury England
Interests Family, Music, People.
Thank you for letting me join your group. I like to talk to people, so I hope to talk to you on fridays.
Home Page
Updated 12/15/2006
Name Cindy
Nickname MSN Nicknameraluta
Location Pleasantville, PA
Interests horse-back riding, reading exercise, walking,
I am married for 24 years now (obviously not my first)  I have two is 34 and the other is 11.  Seems like I am on the go constantly.  I don't know how often I will be on here but I appreciate the invitation.  I have worked all of my life , except for the nine years after my youngest was born.  I most recently was laid -off from working in the office of the "John Deere" dealership here where I live.  Looking forward to chatting when I can.
Home Page
Updated 2/10/2007
Name alice
Nickname MSN Nicknamealice-280
Location near Paris
Interests Languages, literature, music, diving, classical danse
I am alice, 53 years old, living near Paris. I have joined this group because I want to make new friends abroad, especially speaking english and german. I enjoy writing emails and also speak foreign languages. It would be very nice to find members willing to communicate with me. I want to improve my english language and would be very pleased to teach french to anybody who would be interested. I already gave lessons in France.
My job : I don't work anymore  : I worked in a legal department and was in charge of translations of technical documents in a big company in Paris. Now I have time for gardening, reading, listen to music, meeting friends, cooking, and so on.
Married, no children. I have two beautiful cats.
My email address :
Home Page
Updated 7/13/2007
Name Jackie
Nickname MSN Nicknameblackjack192
Location Ripley, New york
Interests Bowling, cooking and Grandkids
Have been in the US since 1965. Here in Ripley since 89.
Husband, Dave, retired USAF so we travelled quite a bit.oved here from Pheonix,Az.
Originally from Leicester, UK.
Home Page
Updated 7/6/2008