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From: MSN NicknameUSAmeetsUK  (Original Message)Sent: 5/24/2007 1:34 AM
With MSN cracking down on how graphics are posted, we thought it a good idea to reiterate how MSN want's photos added to our messages.  I'm certain that none of us use or otherwise even know how this illegal way of posting is done.  But just to cover our bases we'll explain it here. 

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 Message 2 of 3 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameUSAmeetsUKSent: 5/24/2007 1:38 AM
About posting photos

MSN Groups provides an easy way for you to share your pictures with family and friends. Before photos can be uploaded to a group, however, they must meet certain conditions:

  • All pictures for posting to a group must be in the form of a digital image file. These can be created directly, by using a digital camera to photograph the subject and editing software to process it, or ordinary pictures can be converted to digital image files by using a scanner .
  • Individual image files must be no larger than 1 megabyte (MB) in size. Large image files take a long time to upload, and quickly use up your file storage  allotment. The MSN Photo Upload Control software has tools you can use to optimize the file size and viewing characteristics of the pictures you want to post.
  • Image files must be in a format supported by MSN Groups. Format type is indicated by the extension (suffix) at the end of the file name. The most common file name extensions for pictures are .jpg and .gif. However, MSN Groups also supports .tif, .bmp, and .png files.

 How much storage space is available for photos?

Each MSN user is limited to a 3 megabytes of total content (photos, files, and message attachments  ) for all MSN Groups he or she belongs to. For example, if you belong to a group about your family that has an album and an appointment calendar, and you add photos also to an album in a separate group devoted to pets, the content you have added to both groups will count towards your limit.



On the first attempt to upload a photo, users of Microsoft Internet Explorer and MSN Explorer are offered the oportunity to automatically download  and install the Photo Upload Control tool. This software makes it easy to preview, rename, rotate, crop, and adjust the contrast and brightness of your photos. If you choose not to install the Photo Upload Control software, you can still upload photos and files individually by using your browser's standard upload tools.

 Message 3 of 3 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameUSAmeetsUKSent: 5/24/2007 1:43 AM
If you are using a Windows operating system with either MSN Explorer or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later, you can add photos to an album using the MSN Photo Upload Control.

Both managers and members can add photos to an album.

  1. Go to the Pictures page.
     To get there
    1. In the left pane, click Pictures. (If the page you are currently on has no left pane, click Back until you reach a page that does.)
    2. Click Show albums if you see that link directly below the page title.
  2. Find the album you want, and then click to the far right. You can create your own album or ask one of us to do it for you.  In the file directory, click a folder, and then click the photos you want to add, or click Select All to select all thumbnails  in the folder.
  3. You will see a check mark on each selected photo.

  4. If you want to customize your photos, click Edit Photos and use the set of photo-editing tools.
  5. Click Upload Now.