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TIPS to help you : POSTING HELP
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From: MSN NicknameUSAmeetsUK  (Original Message)Sent: 12/17/2005 2:15 PM

Posting Help

If your new to MSN groups. We will show you how to use the group.



Cut  Cut - If you want to move text or pictures highlight the item and click Cut. This will remove it. (Control + X)
Copy - Follow the instructions above. This will take a copy (Control + C)
Paste  Paste - Position your cursor where you would like to paste the item (Control + V)

  Paragraph Style
Heading styles

The Heading Styles are used to give an
overall standard feel to your message,
especially if it is long.
Highlight your text and choose a style.
Once you have chosen a style you can then
select a colour also.

  Font Style - Highlight your text and choose Font Style.

Font Styles This shows 9 fonts chosen by MSN.
If you don't want to use any of these
choose Other Font...


Bold, Italic and Underline Bold (Control + B), Italic (Control + I), Underline (Control + U)
Highlight the text and click on the relevant button.

Horizontal alignment  Alignment - Left, Centred and Right.
These will move your text around the message
You can also use them for images

Bullets and Numbering  Numbers and Bullets - Click on the relevant icon. You will get either a 1. or a ·
Type your first item and then press Enter.
This will give you another 1. or · Continue typing your list

  • This
  • is
  • an
  • example

If you want some items to have no bullet or number, hold your Shift key
down and press Enter.  Then when you do want one press Enter on its own

  • This
  • example

Left indentation  Increase and Decrease Indent - These will move your text in from the left

  Horizontal Rule - This places a horizontal line all the way across the message


Enter hyperlink

You can link to a page in the group or type in a  web address. Be sure to type in the full web address.

Insert picture icon  Insert Picture

Shows your images

Choose the group from the left, then the album and then the picture on the right. If you have clicked on a picture it will have a red outline.  When you are happy click on

  Font Colour. Highlight your text and click on the icon.

Font colours

Hovering your mouse over the chart creates a preview of the colour in the box on the left.
Click when you find a colour you like.

  MSN's Emoticons

MSN Emoticons

Choose any of the Emoticons to add to your message

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