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The MSN Groups service will close in February 2009. You can move your group to Multiply, MSN’s partner for online groups. Learn More
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Does anyone have this book
 I am in desperate need of this book...
MSN NicknameWhitewolf71020   12-16-08
New person here for a bit
Welcome Will, thanks for helping us.
MSN NicknameSeamlessMoose   10-28-08
New person here for a bit
Ive accepted a new application hes a person named Will(from Group Box) he will be looking into moving our club to an alternate site for when MSN closes
MSN NicknameWhitewolf71020   10-27-08
Msn Groups closing
All MSN groups will be closing this site along with the others will move to multiply ill move it all over there hopefully we wont have any gremlins during transit or after either
MSN NicknameWhitewolf71020   10-20-08
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Hummingbird Trivet
MSN NicknameSeamlessMoose 08-26-08
MSN Nicknamewhitewolf710a 03-25-08
Joy's friends
MSN NicknameGrumpierLeo 09-27-07
Dome Clock
MSN NicknameGrumpierLeo 03-19-07
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