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September 18 ,2007
 Alberta Chapter of Scroller Saw Portrait Artists Paid membership will allow those to use club patterns ,blade proceeds will go to club kitty,paid membership will allow those who are piad in full access to club venues,
Unpaid members will not have access to patterns,woodshow and will have to pay $5.00 for blades instead of $4.00
Members are encoraged to attend as many meetings as possible during the year unless curcumstances predict otherwise.
Members not able to attend are encouraged to call and let either myself know or Dana who is club secretary.
Members who have paid will be posted later by Dana.Membership dues are $25.00 per yearor $30 per household

New web site is under way sponsored by our new affialation the address will be sent out to paid members
No meeting now until after the woodshow moving in day is the 25 th anyone able to lend a hand is appreciated as we will be setting up the saws and displays.

Anyone wishing to take over the newsletter please email me and we can set you up

Thank You
Canwest Woodworking Machinery, Tool Show & Sale

will entertain, inform and educate!

2008 Show Dates

October 24th-26, 2008


Oct.31st-Nov 1-2