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Games People Play
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Text Twist word game -
If you like word puzzles then have a look at this.
The idea is to make as many small words out of the given letters in the time limit.
Once you have tried it you will want to try again. lol.  Its addictive..
Game Rival -
This site has lots of games like Diamond mine, Pool etc, but you can also chalenge your friends to beat your score. It's quite
Frog racing and poker sharks - frog racing is where you train,feed and nurture a frog to enter in races against others, poker sharks is a fun game where you own,train,feed etc a shark and"play"poker to get your shark into the ratings -
Lots of games to choose from here, from scrabble like games , card games etc.
Doublecross is addictive as is wordox, and lots lots more.......all free
There is also a cd you can buy called facemaker, as you have a picture to go with your name, the facemaker allows you to make your own faces, some people make are hilarious. -
Excellent site for word games, etc - FREE
Warning very Addictive ! -
OOOeerrrm not sure where to start here lol ........  there you will find me either playing Wordox  (like scrabble) or Family Fortunes to name a few few few few few hee hee    the home of the great game Doublecross or Doublex to us wordies Doublex is also like scrabble but you can make more than one word with your 'go'. You get to have a cute av too awwww   If you like playing Pictionary then you will love this one,  especially in Tandem room where two get to draw the picture together  why don't we get up enough people and have a game soon?  This site has a lot of games on it and one of the good but sort of strange ones to play is Pyschobabble you will be going psycho trying to make sentences quickly with this game