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5/2/2008 9:49 PM  Posted by MSN NicknameOcker?
Hi and welcome. This is a guide to the site. If you haven't already done so please go to MEMBER TOOLS, E MAIL SETTINGS,  and unclick the box marked Send All Messages to My Inbox. Click 'read messages on line' and click save changes. Otherwise your mail box will be flooded with messages .
I have set up Book & Music review pages plus under the General messages heading Poetry, Gardening, Wildlife for pets and Nature stuff. Plus Creative Writing for all you creative writers out there, and your very own Art Gallery. You can also set up your own album in Pictures.
Friends R Us is voluntary but please feel free to use it to tell us something about you, after all we are all friends so why be shy ? Add your birthday to the Birthday Board, so we can wish happy returns on the day (year not necessary).
Now the unpleasant bit !
2. Please respect all Members.  No spamming will be allowed on the boards or in chat.  If you have any problem with a members posting, email management and we will handle the situation. We are not a drama group and would like to stay this way.

3.This is a General Site so NO PORN will be allowed.  Please be TASTEFUL with all your posts.

We are all adults and have seen what can happen in other chat communities, whilst friendly leg pulling and piss taking is part of the fun, we all know, or I hope we do where to draw the line. This includes the posting of porn or obscene jokes, I'm sure we all know what is acceptable here.
The success or otherwise of this community is down to each of you.
You are welcome to invite friends from other communities BUT please make them aware of the need for basic good manners.
I will vet all applicants and should you invite a friend will expect them to say who invited them, I will check this with you before allowing them access. Clones will not be allowed in.
Anyone who tries to cause trouble will be temporarily or permanently banned.
If you feel that's too harsh, quit now and save arguing later.
Please don't let fights spill over from another community into here.
Please do make any recommendations for improving this site, it's ours not mine.
Ocker & Iced-Gem