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General : Quitting smoking and weight gain  
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From: Joel  (Original Message)Sent: 12/29/2005 6:50 PM
Two years ago, I quit smoking for 2 months and gained 20 pounds.  I am thinking of quitting again and I am scared to death of gaining weight.  I can't seem to fit an extensive exercise program into my schedule. I rise at 5:45am to get ready for work and have time to take my son to the babysitter. I work from 8am to 4pm Tuesday thru Saturday and have to travel an hour to and from work. I have a four year old son so when I get home at 5:00pm, I have to start cooking dinner, then give him a bath, I have about 30 to 45 minutes to play with him before I have to put him to bed. If I don't fall asleep with him trying to get him to go to sleep, then I clean up the mess from playing and cooking.  I usually get to bed about 10:00pm. 
  As you can see, there is no time. But at the same time, I don't want to end up huge either. I am only 5'3" and I already weigh 170 so I am already overweight. Any advise?


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From: JoelSent: 12/29/2005 6:58 PM
Hello Susie:
We have a number of articles addressing quitting smoking and weight control concerns. Read them all (when you can squeeze the time into your schedule .
It is not inevitable that you will gain weight when quitting and if you take some positive steps from the very start, you can minimize or maybe even eliminate any weight gain when quitting. Read the articles and if you have follow-up questions feel free to write back.

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From: JoelSent: 12/29/2005 8:20 PM
Thank you So much for your quick reply. I was very impressed.

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Sent: 12/29/2005 9:47 PM
This message has been deleted by the author.

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From: MSN NicknameJoeJFree-Gold-Sent: 12/29/2005 9:51 PM
Hi Susie,
Speaking of positive steps.  Here's about the most compact workout I've ever found when time is short and belt is a little too long.
If you have a flight of stairs in your home, put on a Barney, Puffalumps, Wiggles or whatever video for your son (unless you have somone other than Mr. VCR to keep his attention for 20 to 30 minutes).  (If no flight of stairs then make a step with something sturdy like a milk carton or step pad from your second hand sports store).
Go to the bottom of the stairs walk up the flight one step at a time, turn around, come back down.  Repeat for 10 minutes, then next week 15, then next week 20 and so on.  Do it every day.  No matter what.  When you get to 30 minutes maybe find time to do it more than once a day (When you get that far you will find the time - trust me).  If you quit smoking a pack a day you will have extra energy and time.
Your own Stair Way to Freedom!
Simple but not always easy - just like getting nicotine out of your life.  Take time for you.  Make a commitment to no longer accept excuses for anything else but success.
Joe J Free after 40 years for 11 months, 19 days by simply deciding to get rid of nicotine and NTAP!

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