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"Bird Brainz"

All MSN Groups are closing.
The link to our NEW HOME is:
Bird Brainz Too 


For Message Boards-Click Here 

Welcome to our Nest and What's New page
This site was developed for you-the Bird lover. Whether it be a hobby or passion - parrots and pet birds or wild ones in the garden - it is welcome here.This is a place to chat with your feathered flock of friends (old and new), post information and questions and share photos. Below is a description of some of the links in the directory on the sidebar to the left.

*To view our customized home page, please click Bird Brainz Nest  
*If you are a new member, please introduce yourself in the New Member Intro after reading the Message Rules
*The Weekly Whistle is a message board to check in at least once a week and gab with your friends here or catch up on the weeks happenings
*The All Messages link will take you to the message boards directory. After opening the message directory, please choose a corresponding category if you are going to post a message.
*The Photo Albums are for our members to post pictures of their feathered companions. Please do not copy any pictures or graphics from the albums without the album creators permission.
*The Cool Birding Links is an area to post informative sites on caring for our birds or a topic you feel the membership would benefit from. Any links must be submitted to the managers first and they will post them.
***Remember, this site is set up for your enjoyment and the discussions  expressed on the message boards are strictly opinions of the poster. What may work for one, may be harmful to another. Always check with your vet before using any ideas you may find here. The members or managers are not responsible for any problems you may encounter.

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  Please do not post here, unless you cannot get into the new site. ...
MSN NicknameAbbyBCLady1   01-13-09
I would love to talk to you. Feel free to call. I work 8 -5 monday thru fri - and in eastern time (go to bed by 11) but hey -I enjoy contact with people who have same interests.Linda
MSN Nicknameottabeme   01-13-09
Come to the BIRD BRAINZ TOO Site!
A bump to keep at the top...   Please come to the new site to post. We are only coming to this site until it is closed to help wit...
MSN Nickname¨SHERRÝ   01-12-09
my birds are gone
hey Lisa thanks for your post.  I hope your hubby listened with both ears.  I believe in moving on, and the health of letting go, but this time I can't seem to get there. You tell your ...
MSN NicknameSlavetoTuki1   01-12-09
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Echo facing temptation
MSN Nicknamekorky106 12-30-08
Christmas Doggies 2
MSN NicknameNanmeister 12-19-08
Chritmas Doggies 3
MSN NicknameNanmeister 12-19-08
Chritmas Doggies 1
MSN NicknameNanmeister 12-19-08
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Deede's Stuff (Dianne)
Birdman's birds
Nan & Fids