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Please Check this for errors; Add to it or take away but please send me the corrections Thank you Betty Dickey
This is our line:
1.--Zadock Roden –Born abt 1755 Married Nancy Moultrey Born Abt 1762
there were 6 other children born between 1778- 1790
7 Thomas L. Roden -Born abt 1795 South Carolina- Married Unknown
Thomas Roden- Married Sevilla
1 Didema Roden -Born 1819 in TN married Marion Johnson Thrasher
(a) Children:James T
(b) Mary
(c) William Jasper
(d) George W.
2 Mastin M Roden Born 1821 in Alabama, Died Aug 10 1888 Madison Co, Alabama
Married 1st Sarah Angeline Henson
(a) Sarah Evergreen
(b) Palinna Kimberly
(c) William C
(d) Eliza J.
(e) George L.
(f) John Henry Married Jemima “Annie ?Sisk .
Children ?f-1)Nannie Mae married Thomas Franklin Nash
Children :Ruby Helen Nash married Andrew Carlton Thacker
Children ; Andrea Thacker Newman
(g) Robert M
(h) Mary Alice
2nd Marriage Nancy E Bynum
(a) Marcus Luther
(b) Columbus
(c) Hedora
(d) Eli
(e) Beasley
(f) Alonzo
3- Zadock Roden born 1823 Died during the Civil War
4- William Roden
5- Eliza Carolina Roden born 1826 Married Marion Johnson Thrasher ( Sister Husband) Married June 30 1854 Marshall Co. Alabama Children Born 1856-1862
(a) Sevilla
(b) Marion J.
(c) Jackson S.
6-Jackson S. Roden- Born 1832 Alabama -Died Georgia Aug 31 1863 Civil war. He was listed in the Muster rolls of 48th Alabama Infantry Regiment Co. “A?
Married March 11 1857 ,Alabama To Nancy Jane Buchanan Born 1835 Alabama –Daughter of William Grey Buchanan Born 1795 South Carolina Died after 1867 and Susannah Fletcher born 1803 Tenn. Died aft 1866.
Children :
(a) Lougany Isabella Born 1858 Alabama Married April 24 1880 Morgan county Alabama to Elisha Johnson
Children :
(a)Sally Ann Johnson Born Feb 9, 1883 Died Aug 1964 Hartselle, Alabama
Children :
(1) Viola Vanovin Born 12-12-05
(2) Marvin
(3) Mary Elizabeth
(4) Nancy
(b) Thomas Benton Roden Born May 1860 Alabama Died Feb.6 1927 Morgan County Ala.
Married Victoria Lavina Hughes -Born Feb.1856 –Died June 18 1944 Alabama
(1) Mary Jane (Gennie) born 1881 Aug.
(2) William H. born Oct 1882
(3) Myrtle Born Sept. 1885
(4) James Harris born Dec 10 1888 Died Oct 25 1977 Ala
(5) Dave born Mar 2 1891
(6) Marvin C. born March 3 1893- died Aug. 1967 Ky.
(7) Mattie Lee (Belle Lavina) born November 17 1893 Died Aug 22 1985
Married :Carl Wadson Hanvey Died Dec.2, 1986 Both died in Tarrant Texas
(8) Maude - Born Feb. 7 1900 died 1910
(9) Claude Andrew- Born Feb 7 1900 Died married Edna
Children :Donna Married
(10) Albert Wesley Roden Born Jan. 1, 1902 Valhamosa Springs Alabama Died November 6, 1965
See my line after #7
7.- Nancy J Roden Born 1834 Married Fleming Patton Aug 25 1867 Marshall Co Alabama. Fleming Patton was killed in the Civil war.
Thomas Benton Roden ?This is My Grand Father:
Albert Wesley Roden born January 1,1902 Valhermoso Springs Alabama. Died November 6,1965 Chester S.C. (Stroke)
Buried Chester Memorial Gardens Lot; ______
Born 1-01-02
Died 11-06-65
Marriages 1stDecember 25,1928 Divorced abt.1932 Thelma Vera Morrow
2nd September 7, 1947 Dorothy Irene Stallings
1st Marriage To:
Thelma Vera Morrow Born July 7 1909 in Morgan Co. Ala.-Died____abt.1997_She is buried Morrow cemetery in the old Morrow Grave yard in Somerville Rt2 Morrow Mt. There were only two daughters El Maude (Dude) Born May 12,1927 and her twin Ethel Lee (Polly) Born May 12, 1927_ they went by the last name Roden but Albert wasn’t their Father (Polly is still living in Ala. Dude had two children Jack and Janice Stallings. Jack was killed in a car accident no date
Janice is living. Dudes?children would be children of Dude and R.Rufus Stallings. (R. Rufus (Buster) is the twin brother of Albert’s?2nd wife Dorothy Irene Stallings______
Polly has two children she married William Grady Ervin her children are;
Rick Hayward Ervin and Karen Lynn Ervin.
Thelma and Albert Married December 25 1928 in Morgan Co. Ala.
Divorced__abt 1932__Harold is not sure of the year.
Born 7-07-1909
Died Abt 1997
The only child born to Albert and Thelma is:
Harold Gene Roden
Born April 22,1930 Summerville Ga.
Harold lives in Doraville Ga.
He is married to
Sadie Mae White Born April 12________
Married Jan.16, 1952
My line:
Married September 7,1947 Madison Co Ala.
2nd wife Dorothy Irene Stallings Born February 09,1923 Cherokee Ala. She sometimes said Round Mountain Ala.
Died September 11,2000 Charlotte N.C. (buried Chester Memorial Gardens lot____)
. When we tried to get her birth certificate they couldn’t find hers they only found her twin brothers R. Rufus(Buster) Mama always said his name like it was one name but we think the R. was for Robert after his father Robert Otis Stallings.
Mom had renal failure she had been on Dialysis for 5 years. She also was in the stage of Alzheimer’s where she knew us some of the time but most we were either her sisters or her Mother. She lived the last 5 years of her life with my sister Linda part of the week and with me the other part.
Born 02-09-1923
Died 09-11-2000
Robert Benton Roden (Benton)
Born- January 14, 1946 Huntsville Ala. Madison County
Died –April 25,1984 (Brain tumor) Cancer-- Columbia S.C. --Buried At Cool Branch Baptist Church Blair S.C.
Married –February 14, 1964 -Cool Branch Baptist Church
Shirley Mae Whishert
Born-Chester S.C. August 25, 1945
Their children are:
1st Tammy Kay Roden-female-
B.May, 5 1965 Chester S.C.
Married June 3,1986
Ronald James Clark Born
Date; March 15, 1955
Their children
1st Brittany Robbiette Clark - Female-Born; 12-24-1986
2nd Kayla Lynn-Elizabeth Clark -Female-Born ?2-09-1990
2nd Lisa Robbiette Roden –female-
Born December 24,1973
Married January 1,1992
William Roy Kennedy (B J)
Born: September 29,1971
Their children 1st William Matthew Kennedy-male- Born November 10,1994
2nd Christopher Benton Kennedy -male-Born February 15, 2000
After Benton’s Death Shirley remarried to Edward Haywood Nance (Bud) Aug. 25-1993
Linda Gail Roden
Born April 03, 1949 Summerville Georgia Chathoga County
Married March 5, 1977 to
James Curtis Gaston
Born -Chester, S.C.July 16 1942
1st Linsey Brooke Gaston-female-
Born -Chester, S.C. May 4,1985
Betty Jean Roden
Born Chester S.C. July 09,1951
Married February 15, 1970 Chester,S.C.
Jerry Dale Dickey
Born: Chester S.C. January 30, 1950
1st Roger Dale Dickey -male-
Born: Chester, S.C. September 2,1971
Married March 8,1997 Goose Creek S.C.
Rebecca Lorie Beckham
Born Chester S.C. November 7,1973
2nd Shannon Nicole Dickey –female-
Born Chester S.C. December 26,1975
Married March 5, 1995
Jamie Dale Puckett
Born May 29,1975
Their children:
1st Amber Nicole Puckett-female- Born Rock Hill S.C. September 28, 1995
2nd Ashley Madison Puckett-female- Born: Rock Hill S.C. September 20, 2000
4th child James Wesley Roden
Born Chester S.C. October 29 1953
Married 1st Wife Charlene Rallings December 21 1979
Cool Branch Baptist Church Blair S.C.
Divorced Chester, S.C.
No children
Married 2nd Wife Brenda Jane Rakes Born March 23, West Virginia
Married on October 16, 1983 Four Square Gospel Church, Chester S.C.
Ronnie Green Ascendant Pastor preformed the ceremony
Divorced-Chester S.C.
1st child: Amanda Jane Roden Born:-female- Chester S.C. February 13,1987
3rd Wife- Cathy Ann Wright Born Sept. 23, 1958 Chester S.C.
Married- April 21 1995 at their home the services were preformed by (Wally) Marion Wallace Weir a friend of the family Wally is a Notary Republic
Cathy’s children by her 1st husband Leonard Carlton Raines are
1st Christine Elizabeth Raines-female- Born December 27,1980 Chester S.C.
2nd Sara Arlisa Raines –female-Born June 2,1988 Rock Hill S.C.
3rd Catherine Lynn Raines-female-Born Sept. 5, 1989 Rock Hill S.C.
Carl Edward Roden
Born Richland County Columbia, S.C. September 20, 1953
Married Jan.23, 1976
–Della Marie Wallen Born- March 4,1960 Divorced-
1st child
Carl Wesley Roden –male-Born Chester, S.C. June 24, 1976
2nd Olivia Marie Roden-female- Born Chester S.C. May 13,1978
David Charles Morris -Born-October 06, 1978
1st child Jacob Tyler Morris –male-Born January 15,2002 Rock Hill.S.C.
This is going into a Book if you can add something or correct any mistake thanks.

Johnny is writting one more info latter on book.