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More to be added as I get time to add Thanks to all for your info. I will add also of coarse let me know if you don't want it added and I will not who knows we may write a Book One Day.

Thomas & Savilla's Children - 2nd Marrage . Some may not be Savilla's Children.

Didema Roden

Mastin M. Roden

Zadock Roden

William Roden

Elizabeth Carolina Roden

Jackson S. Roden

Nancy Jane Roden

My line is: Mastin M. Roden married Sarah Angeline Henson, their son, John Henry Roden married Jemima "Annie" Sisk, and they had Nannie Mae Roden. Nannie Roden married Thomas Franklin Nash, and their daughter, Ruby Helen Nash married Andrew Carlton Thacker, and had me, Andrea Thacker Newman



Thomas Benton Roden Married Victoria Lavina Hughes in folder *Buchanan & Roden

Jackson S. Roden Married Nancy Jane Buchanan in folder *Buchanan & Roden

Jackson & Nancy Jane's Children

Thomas Benton Roden

Lugany Isabella Roden : born 1858 in folder * Buchanan & Roden @ page 2 & 3 Decendents of William Gray Buchanan

Thomas & Victoria's Children

Mary Jane Roden

David Thomas Roden

William H. Roden

Myrtle Roden

James Harris Roden

Marvin C. Roden

Mattie Lee Roden

Maude Roden

Claude Andrew Roden

Albert Wesley Roden : born Jan/01/1902 - died : Nov.06,1965

Dave Tom Roden

Born March 2, 1891 in somevills, ala

Married in Ala

Died May 16, 1973 in Freeport, Texas

Burial may 18, 1973 in Clute, Texas

Father Thomas Benton Roden

Mother Victoria Lavina Hughes


Tursia Ann Leeth

Born March 20, 1893 in Boas, Ala

Died October 29, 1963 in Freeport, Texas

Burial October 31, 1963 in Clute, Texas

Father Bethel K. Leeth

Mother Lorene Baker


Roy Olean Roden born aug,,, 7,1929

Ruby Lee Roden born April 14, 1927

Woodro Harris Roden born May 6, 1915

Jack Edward Roden born ?

Dave Allen Roden born July 9, 1955

Roy Olean Roden

Born Aug, 7, 1929 in Okla. City

Married November 18, 1959 in Angliton, Texas

Died April 10, 1982 in Splendora, Texas

Burial April 15, 1982 in Clute, Texas

Father Dave Tom Roden

Mother Tusia Ann Leeth


Bessie Gloria Marie Miller

Born Jan 1, 1940 in Angliton, Texas

Still Living

Father Hal Brandt Miller

Mother Viola Lee Brandon


Eddie David Roden (Sr) born Oct, 19, 1960

Donna Marie Lee Roden born April 2, 1962 not married had her married enroll no kids

Eddie David Roden (Sir)

Born Oct 19, 1960

Still living

Father Roy Olean Roden

Mother Bessie Gloria Marie Miller


1st wife Lisa Kay Beaver

Born sept 9, 1964

Father Fread Beaver

Mother Doris Kelley


Christy Necole Roden born Feb. 27, 1982

Melissa Kay Roden born Sept 19, 1983

Eddie David Roden (Jr) born July 18, 1985

Christy Nicole Roden

Born Feb. 27, 1982 in Alibine, Texas

Married Oct 30, 1998 in Pasadena, Texas

Father Eddie David Roden (Sr)

Mother Lisa Kay Beaver


Travis Jackson Waskom

Born May 5?

Father Emmit Frank Waskom


Melba remarried

Bill Hicks


Travis Jackson Waskom (Jr)

Born Oct 4, 1999 in Japan on the base

Ruby Lee Roden

Born April 14, 1927 in Seminole, olk

Died Aug, 27, 1965 in Vinton, La

Burial aug, 30,1965 in Clute,Texas

Husband Connelly Roger






Pat Roger

Born July 9, 1945

Canden Art Roger


Woodro Harris Roden

Born May 6, 1915 in somevills, ala

Died December 26, 1968

Burial December 28, 1968 in Clute, Texas

Father Dave Tom Roden

Mother tursia Ann Leath


Leona Mae


Died Oct 9, 1994

Burial October 12, 1994




Bobby E Roden born March 12, 1955

Billie Sue Roden

Jimmy Roden

Bobby E. Roden

Born March 12, 1955



Father Woodro Harris Roden

Mother Leona Mae

Never married are had no kids

Billie Sue Roden




Father Woodro Harris Roden

Mother Leona Mae


Russell Weideon


Tina Weideon

Jimmy Roden




Father Woodro Harris Roden

Mother Leona Mae