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Godz & Goddesses : Daily Deity
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From: MSN NicknameTipsyCad147  (Original Message)Sent: 9/3/2007 10:00 AM
Daily Deity
Today we honor
Triple Goddess (Mother)
Pantheon: Celtic
Element: Earth
Sphere of Influence: Protection and Sex
Preferred colors: Red, Black
Associated symbol: Raven
Animals associated with: Raven , Crow
Best day to work with: Monday
Strongest around Lughnasadh
Suitable offerings: Acorns
Associated Planet: Moon
Mother of Life and Death, originally a Mother Goddess - one of the aspects of the triple Morrigu. Also called Mania, Mana, Mene, Minne. Associated with ravens and crows. Protectress in war as in peace. Cunning, sheer physical force, sexuality, fertility, dominance over males. A woman wishing to escape or subdue an overbearing spouse might consult her.

Additional Information on Macha from Wikipedia

Information is unedited and unchecked

This article is about the goddess in Celtic mythology. For the powdered tea used in the Japanese tea ceremony, see Matcha.

In Goedelic mythology,
Macha was one of the three aspects of the Morrigan. She fed on the heads of her enemies. With Anann and Badb, she formed a triumvirate of war goddesses; specifically, Macha was often said to have cured the wounded. She is said to have been the monarch|queen of Ulster, the capital of which, Emain Macha, was named after her. With the other Morrigan, Badb and Nemhain, she was part of a group of Irish war goddesses. She and the other Morrigan helped the Tuatha De Dannan find against the Fir Bolgs.

She may have been related to the British Morgan le Fay and the continental Celtic Epona.

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