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Erin's Playhouse 2Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Hello Members,
I hope all is well with everyone. I just want to let everyone know to please join Chat Central's Gateways New Home  and The Background Boutique new home ASAP as MSN will be closing before we know it. All the websets here have been re-hosted on our server and are also converted to CSS for easy copy and pasting into Yuku and Talk City Groups and other forums which use CSS.
Blaze/Opossum is in the process of updating all version of the auto-webset maker to be compatable in almost any group or forum members decide to move to.  Such as Yuku, Talk City, Excoboard, Multiply and Aimoo to name a few.
We have thousands of tags and websets indexed in our search which is easily available to anyone who needs them to set up their new groups with.
Please see instructions to join here How to Sign up to our New Boards/Home
I am looking forward to seeing everyone in our new home.
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New Auto Webset Makers (I- III) for Yuku...
MSN Nickname__«¤™Iяĩsђ__Šþąя×™¤?/nobr>   01-22-09
Attention All Members in Here-Please Joi...
Hey Jack, sorry I did not respond sooner I've been very busy with packing for our move into bigger home. ...
MSN Nickname__«¤™Iяĩsђ__Šþąя×™¤?/nobr>   01-22-09
Attention All Members in Here-Please Joi...
PS. I've forgotten my pass and can't sign in. Will you please email it to me? TIA! Jack
MSN NicknameJahk7   01-11-09
Attention All Members in Here-Please Joi...
I like the "hugs" part! ;-{) Unfortunately, I'm such a slow typist that chat rooms often move along to fast for me to participate in discussions. I do wish you well! ...
MSN NicknameJahk7   01-11-09
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MSN NicknameGoddess_Erin_84 02-13-06
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