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ICWA: Three Way Dance

Date:Friday, February 20th, 2009
Live From: Greenville Convention Center - Greenville, North Carolina
Commentators: Bert Busch & Paul Heyman
Theme: "Afterlife" by Avenged Sevenfold

Deadline: Your First RP MUST BE POSTED 24 HOURS BEFORE DEADLINE or earlier

Because of MSN closing on either 20th or 21st, The Deadline for this show will be On THURSDAY the 19th.
That means the 24 Hour deadline will be 8PM EST on WEDNESDAY the 18th. Thank You.


ICWA Main Event
ICWA Tag Team Championship
Three Way Dance
Referee: Jason Harding
The Brethren
(W/ The Messiah) V.S. Six and Rising Inc V.S. Christian Michaels & Whysper
((The Brethren made their official debut at Silence is Golden and it seemed like everybody wanted a piece. In an attempt to satisfy both Joe Six Pack and Christian Michael’s desires to get in the ring with The Brethren, Jonathan Brooks has booked this HUGE Tag Team Three Way Dance. On top of that, he’s assured us that he won’t be pitting Six and Rising and Whysper/Michaels against each other again so, in an act of fairness toward the former tag team champions he’s placed the ICWA Tag Team Titles on the line?What a huge opportunity for the debuting Brethren.))

Tani Lyons Presentes: A Number 1 Contendership Modeling Expo
Hosted By: ICWA Women's Champion Tani Lyons
Featuring: Four Women Hand Selected by the Champion herself
((After becoming ICWA Women's Champion -Albeit in controversial fashion to say the least-, Tani Lyons has decided to get herself ready for her first title defense by selecting one of four hand picked divas to become her very first number one contender. How so you ask? Well how else? A Very first in the ICWA... A Modeling Expo! What exactly is a modeling expo when translated to wrestling? Who knows. What we do know, however, is that Faith River's isn't likely to take kindly to having her rematch overlooked. She's not booked but we have a feeling the former champion will be in the House.))

Match Four
Last Man Standing
Jimmy Stryker V.S. Drew Stevenson
Referee: Carlton Banx
((Match after Match after Match these two have attempted to prove who’s the better of the two, and yet every time something happens that makes the winner’s win seem extraneous. In a televised meeting to devise a way of getting around circumstance and breaking down to the nitty gritty of who’s the best between the two, Stryker advised eliminating rules and Stevenson advised removing rope breaks and allowing a ten count?Well that pretty much books itself folks?It’s a Last Man Standing and you don’t get much more of a definitive winner then whomever wins in a Last Man Standing match. On any other night this would easily be our ICWA Main Event.))

Match Three
Darren Hunter V.S. MJ Storm
Referee: Jason Harding
((MJ Storm made an impact at Silence is Golden by attacking the Cyber TV Champion and laying claim to the gold. However, Darren Hunter has gained a tremendous amount of respect for the Champion after their bout at Silence is Golden, and he's not about to let MJ’s actions go unpunished. By Darren’s request, the pride of England is going one on one with the pride of Cheeseland in a bout based on retribution.))

Match Two
Tag Team
Scott Andrew & King Slender V.S. Zarek Lyle & Scott Addams
Referee: Carlton Banx
((Andrew wasn’t very satisfied with the turn of events at Silence Is Golden, so, he’s recruited King Slender to assist him in his heated rivalry with Zarek Lyle and Scott Addams. Perhaps even more interestingly, this will be ICWA’s first time viewing the heated rivals in Zarek Lyle and Scott Addams in a tag team environment. Perhaps a success here would be just the trick for Addams to finally court his rival over to make an official team.))

Opening Match
Steve Reno V.S. Blaze Inferno
Referee: Jason Harding
((They asked and they received. Blaze Inferno makes her ICWA Return as she goes one on one with some guy she apparently has history with.))

Also Appearing: David Van Dam, WallStreet, Faith Rivers.... Nevyrrmore? Ya Nevyrr know! GAHAHAHA... Get it? Nevyrr Know?! You know... Never Know except I spelled it like... Bah, Nevermind.

Card Subject To Change