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ICWAContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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ICWA: Basic Info

Due to the fact that we’re taking a different approach then we have in times prior, We’ve created a page to make sure that everyone understands the basics of the ICWA both from an in character stand point as well as an OOC stand point.

-The ICWA Is a former Mainstream promotion that’s fallen on some hard times as a result of poor business dealings in times prior. Due to burnt bridges with TV stations and a variety of major sporting arenas, the ICWA has had to start back at the bottom and at present time is an Independent promotion local to Eastern North Carolina.

-As a result of being on the Indy circuit and not having a TV deal, the ICWA is throwing shows every two weeks and each show has a different name. Essentially, there are no weekly shows like a Raw or a Smackdown, nor are there any monthly Pay Per Views but simply two big solid shows a month. Eventually when the ICWA gets to a position to secure a TV deal the schedule will adjust to a weekly schedule but while it’s at every two weeks there’s a lot of time to be doing non competitive rps and storyline progressing role plays.

-While we realize that the vast majority of efeds consider themselves as "Mainstream" and that most performers consider themselves as household names, We are only acknowledging PWT and Older ICWA seasons as having mainstream exposure in terms of MSN. Of course we still acknowledge the real world promotions such as TNA and WWE, But, we do not accept any real wrestlers without pre-approval from ICWA Management. If you’re looking to play a real character please contact us at first and we’ll discuss it.

-I’m not super picky about faces. We don’t allow theme song sharing (unless it’s for a stable/manager/valet/etc) but the face thing I’m lenient with. As long as whoever has the face first doesn’t mind sharing, do your thing. Just make sure that if someone is using your face you clear it with them first. Those of you who get approached about sharing a face, we always encourage you to go along with it but, we won’t force you. It’s your call.

- Realism - This is really the only area that I’m kind of a stickler, and honestly I’ve even lightened up here. All I ask is that you keep things appropriate to the context of the game. What do I mean? Well, for example, I don’t want to see anybody thrown off the top of the arena in a match. It’s just not logical. On a smaller scale, Keep in mind where you’re at. Right now we’re on the Indy level so when you do your stats, don’t use Pyrotechnics or expect there to be a highlight video for you on some huge titan tron. We wrestle in gymnasiums, Convention Centers, and National Guard Armories at the moment, we aren’t on the same production par as WWE.

Please glance back at this page from time to time as the ICWA begins picking up steam and making visable "on screen" progressions toward getting back to the mainstream as things will change accordingly. Thanks.