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Role Play Board : Last Man Standing- Your looking at him - 3 Way Dance Thread!!
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From: MSN NicknameJimmyStrykerâ„?/nobr>  (Original Message)Sent: 2/14/2009 5:49 AM


Roleplay Title. Last Man Standing- Your looking at him - 3 Way Dance Thread!!
People Mentioned/Used. Drew
Allies/Enemies.Everyone I like/ People on My good side/Everyone who pisses me off
Next Match.vs Drew Stevenson
Accomplishments.I am Your Legendary Icon Nuff said
Out of Character.

-In front of that same old camera we use every week to record our little promo's. Finally this bullshit is going to be behind us now that Drew and I can do whatever we want to one another at any costs. Hell, I might even do an old wise man's tactic, and roll my fists up in tape, and roll em in glass. Then we will see who's the better man this time. This time, I will come out a blazing, like a automatic rifle, or pistol, when you just had to take out that sorry motherfucker for smoking your shit instead of selling it. Rocking that very foundation the pathetic world holds you up on. Now its my turn, to turn it all around. Bring this little fantasy to life, and make sure the world knows who I am. The man who walked on water, the man who did the world a favor, by stepping into a wrestling ring. I walk into view, as my black pants and shirt covered my body. My face grew an immediate smile. The breath of mine never ran cold. As I stopped a second before speaking-

Jimmy: Well when you thought that the world was filled with more morons then you could never have been more right. I turned my light off thanking them for not returning back to me before I knocked their lights out for good. You could tell I have not been around for a while, because of my off camera training with some rookies, teaching them the ropes and shit. But hey how could they not ask for me, I was the biggest name ICWA had to offer today. See, when it comes to me, I am a house hold name, I am a new and improved master of mind fucking, and i dont mind making you see things my way, when they are not the complete truth.

- I pause for a moment as I smile before speaking-

Jimmy: So now I come to you with the writings on the tablet, I have wrote up because the information I care to share, has direct information about Drew Stevenson. Where the green grass grows, I watched in the last few matches on tape, the mistakes that I have made, were just small little things to try and well out do this man you call a hero. But nothing more than what brought me so much luck as well. You see, I am a truck of a man, I hit you with one well sent shot, and im gonna break every fucking bone in your body. So when the battle draws nearer, and the fight becomes stronger and more vengeful, then the able minded such as myself, shall over come this final battle that is forthcoming very very soon. Drew, Im not going to sit here and preach you something you should already know. I'm not going to look you in the eye, and tell you how bad, I am going to beat you. Hell fool, you should already know those answers. Since they have been swirling in your head since I completely pounded the holy hell out of you the last few times we were in the ring together.

-I shake my head-

Jimmy: I could go on for days about how I could beat you here, where I am standing. Around the corner, at the quickie mart, hell even in the backstage area. Hell what good is that going to do me eh? Why not just say fuck the promo's and let this fight ride. There is no need to even speak a word, but hey it seems the job requires us to bash one another so why the fuck not. I come here today, because this is a humble lesson I must teach you. One that im sure will go in one ear and out the other, but this is right up my alley, and this fight is going to be bigger and better than ICWA will ever see again in a long time. Hell carnage all over the place, hell will there even be a ring for the actual main event to take place in. Hell, with there even be a tag team title match since ours will be the one that steals the show. No doubt that this match will put asses in the seats Drew, but this is one I will not lose. I will walk away the better man, and you will be telling me, I told you so!! Then you can come out here on television, and tell the world, I am and always will be the better man, and there is no looking back on what I have done to you, let alone, bruising your pride.

-And for the final words in this little speech-

Jimmy: Thanks for being such a moron and making these rules. I love the mastery you and I could come up with here. Hell, I was never more pleased when you and I agreed on such a brutal yet fulfilling match. I was indeed pleased when I knew I would stop Drew Stevenson. I would leave him laying in his own blood. Coughing his life away. Thinking about how he is going to peel himself off that mat, once I nailed you with the Supreme Killing or choked you out. It is no secret Drew, this is going to be one hell of a fight, I will win, and there will be nothing that you can do about it. Nothing these fans can do anything about, and nothing that ICWA or its management team can do about it. So throw away those rule books, and allow the ring to be filled with weapons, cause even with those weapons however, you don't let alone wont stand a chance.

-Scene ends-

Disclaimer.x..This layout was created by Majik Ninja and is free for anyone to use as they please. However if I find someone claiming this layout as their own work I will personally see to it that they wake up tomorrow morning with an axe in their dome. [Damn I wish I could be a ninja]