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Role Play Board : Icwa's Knight [TWD No1]
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From: MSN NicknameJason_Flair1  (Original Message)Sent: 2/14/2009 8:08 PM

codyonedone.png picture by shellycane

Roleplay Title
OOC Information So How many did you get?

Darren was happy with his match at silence is golden.. Yeah he lost but again he enjoyed himself and he hoped he had converted more fans round to him, DSL was a learning curve and he grew respect for her during the match.. Darren already knew not to expect to win all the time.. and well he hoped his showing had earned him a Rematch at a later time.. But at the moment that was the last thing on his mind.. At the forefront of his mind at the moment was MJ Storm why would anyone attack someone after a hard fought match.. only a coward would do that..and so.. Darren Requested a match against MJ Storm.. How could someone attack DSL.. she was and her name proved it.. Sweet!!

Darren is standing backstage with Burt Busch as the ICWA Backdrop is behind them both

Burt "Welcome today on's Exclusive Interview section today we have a man who has impressed since his debut and who at the last show had his first title match.. that man is The English Gentleman.. Darren Hunter.. "

Darren smiles and nods at the camera

Burt "Now Darren This week at Three way dance you face a man who attacked DSL at the end of your last match.. Now i understand you requested this match.. Can i ask Why?"

Darren "Of course Burt.. you see i hate cowards.. and MJ is quite simply a coward.. because he waited untill DSL'S back was turned and also we had gone through a hell of a match.. so of course she was tired.. But MJ picked this moment to send a message..  Now MJ You have me in a bad mood and although i know DSL can look after herself.. sometimes you need a Knight in Shining armour"

Burt "So Darren your ICWA's newest Knight?"

Darren "Ha ha Yeah you could say that.. But its not like i'm going to start coming down to the ring on a White Steed dressed in armour.. i can't ride a horse for starters.. But MJ I'm the Dark Knight Batman against you MJ The Joker.. So Listen MJ I will teach you a listen in Respect at three way dance and thats all i have to say.. the rest will be said during our match MJ"

Burt "Thank you Very much indeed Darren and Good Luck in your Match and that ICWA Fans is it for now.. Join me next time when who knows who i could be talking to.. Goodbye"

The Scene goes to black and then to adverts on

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