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Crichtonisms -

Quotes & comments from the Sci-Fi show Farscape.

Astronaut John Crichton's pop-culture references in the Uncharted Territories.

Irony Is Not Dead -
Irony is not Dead is all about keeping ourselves amused. It serves primarily as a posting board for sarcasm, irony, humor, wit, & jokes.

Some jokes may be in poor taste or foolish, such as Bush administration policies.
Visit at your own risk.
Irony is not Dead (3) - the R-rated World Group -
Wit, Sarcasam, and Artistic Musings -
DISCUSSION GROUP WITH SARCASTIC AND HUMOROUS BANTER..Comprised of Writers, Artists, Musicians and conversationalist. Publishers of Keynote News with Sound Check (band/musicians interviews and reviews).. Dr.Seymon Fraud, (spoof psychiatrist).. Aunt Aggie, (Advise to the Lovelorn, spoof).. UK Celebrity Events with reviews from Glamour Puss and photos from celebrity photographer, Geoff Swaine of London.. Music Notes (discussion) Paranormal board.. Philosophy & BS (serious discussion) Creative Writing.. Photography Section.. Game Board..Must have verifiable e mail and manager approval. If you do not answer the e mail verifying your address. you will not get in this forum. You must be 18 years or older. We rate ourselves as Mature. Conduct yourself accordingly.