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Always Tag List
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  Logon Nickname Name Prefered Tag Name(s) Interests Gender Birthday Location Comments Home Page Updated
View the details of this row. MSN NicknameToManyMadDogs Mike ToManyMadDogs, Mike, MadDog(s) Humor, Animals, Fantasy, SciFi, Tech (Low & Hi) Male . May 2 Vancouver, BC
View the details of this row. MSN NicknameLindemannslady Debz Debz, Debbie, Deborah Music, walking, reading, travelling, bad jokes! Prefer wine!!! April 22nd Berkshire, UK Love all tags, but especially Fantasy ones.   9/25/2006 
View the details of this row. MSN NicknameneverCominHome Jen Jen, NCH Writing, fun, humour, sports   11/30 Michigan, USA
View the details of this row. MSN NicknameFatal2Grey   FatalGrey scifi,tech     Canada
View the details of this row. MSN Nicknamepenpen38 Penny PenPen,WildChild Singing,psp,reading,online friends,photography Female 08\08 Arcadia Louisiana
I like shoe tags, ladies,fairies, dragons,creddies,teddy bears,candles,most anything.not real picky lol
love purple,sparkles n noise on tags.
View the details of this row. MSN NicknameSwitchgears1   Switch Music, Writing, Women yes   US
I like funny tags or little boy tags, baby tags, music, sarcastic sayings
View the details of this row. MSN NicknamequintessentialFlirt   Flirty I couldn't legally list those here please No here

No comment

View the details of this row. MSN Nickname׺°”˜”°º×Flikky׺°”˜”?/nobr> Flikky Flikky PC Music & going out having fun female 9th Feb 1967 Hampshire England
I like all the tags people make me
View the details of this row. MSN Nicknamehawaiideecee Dee or HawaiiDee HawaiiDeeCee poetry, art, music, odd stuff, collecting odd stuff & wondering what the heck all this stuff is (in ten years)! all female may 11th, when Ike was president beautiful, hot, where the earth moves - waikiki, hawai'i
View the details of this row. MSN Nicknamedensew-othei dee dee, dense, denise, theDenseOne poetry, things that are different than they appear in the mirror! okay! may 11, 1960 honolulu, hawai'i
tags which show the not so average type! 5/25/2007 
View the details of this row. MSN NicknameTinySundew tricia tiny Life is interesting female 30 Nov Perth Australia
I think this group is great but as I am a way a bit and dont have a comp where i am I get online when I can
View the details of this row. MSN Nicknamethegаl thegal thegal Cats, Dogs, love reading, playing on my computer, and running everyday Female Aug. 1st 1970 Southeast Texas
My fav. colors are Pink, Red, and Light Blue. I really don't like dark colors. I am really not into gothic looking tags but if they are not to gothic looking I am ok with them.
View the details of this row. MSN Nicknamekrankkaller Darren Krank,Krank Kaller Pool (billirds) motorbikes, cars,fantasy,eagles(not wolves),Canada Male Jan.16th,1966 Edmonton,Alberta Canada
The dragon siggy that everyone got ...could you make me two?
One with Krank...and another with Alan
View the details of this row. MSN NicknameJewel2u22 Jewel Jewel Art, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Nature and All Animals,Fantasy,Friends and Laughter Female Sept. 4th PA., USA
I love fairy and fantasy tags, sexy erotic art and retro art too.
I'm crazy about cats and funny tags,
 I'm a smarta$$ at heart..I can't help it.
I also love beautful nature tags and moons and stars too
but not sci-fi things..natural beauty of things