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From: Sara  in response to Message 6Sent: 2/11/2009 2:22 AM
lol, my belly has always been pretty firm for some reason. It's afterwards that I've got major saggage. Actually, my butt needs the lift more than my belly!!
The ultrasound went well! I was afraid of being late to get the kids from school (though Andrew had the day off so he was ready to go just in case I couldn't) but the technician was efficient and fast. It sounds like she found everything that the other technician couldn't find so my baby has a face! woo! The profile looks so much like Timmy... the lips and nose, it's crazy! Most definitely one of my babies!
I didn't go to the first class :( I'm ticked that I missed it but I'm so glad I went tonight, even though I was stressed while getting ready for it. As soon as I was there, I realized that I had nothing to be stressed about. I have 2 more for this course so next week should be much better as I knwo what to expect now in terms of what to have ready, etc. It's pretty fun and I'm glad I signed up!
That'll be a busy week but yes, I find having stuff to scheduled outside of the house makes things go a little smoother at home. Sure, my house is trashed but it would be worse if we were home every night. It tends to keep me more organized if I have a bunch of places to be. But, I'm thankful that tomorrow is Wed. as the rest of the week should go smoother! Actually, tomorrow is still iffy. Gotta phone the hospital lab and get there to get my rhogham shot. I'm hoping to do that before my midwife appt that's at 12 but Delaney has swimming 10:30-11 so that is right in the middle. I'm dropping her off at an old daycare child's house for the afternoon (and lunch) so she'll have a blast playing and it'll be a quieter afternoon for me after having a busy day today.
I'm finally taking care of procrastination items... doing the pee test and the rhogham shot. I don't know why I put those off. Plus, I got my extinguisher checked, finally. The original place finally called and came out today! yay! Now, the rest of my house is trashed but hey, I'm getting stuff done that's been weighing heavily on me.
I think I may ignore my house yet again. I'm giong to have a light snack (HAS to be healthy... I was thinking water, strawberries and yogurt), watch a bit of t.v and see how I'm feeling after that. Dh is at a meeting so I may stay up until he gets home cause it shouldn't be too late (10:30 at the latest?) I'm feeling a tad tired (too tired to clean of course) but I need some downtime, big time.
Going to throw a load in the washer cause that's quick and then head upstairs. I'll likely be around tomorrow afternoon, trying to catch up. I gotta get working on V-day treats for the girls' classes. I haven't decided if I'll do cookies or cupcakes. Plus, gotta figure out if I'm going to have the daycare kids decorate something for Friday afterschool snack and when we'll do a V-day craft... probably Thurs. I have the cake I decorated today but I dont' think I'll feed that to the kids for snack if we're going to do a V-day snack.