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Realm of ImmortalityContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Allies and Foes

Below you will find some of Seifer's loyal allies and hated foes. As well as a neutral section for those shifting in between. If Seifer hasn't come into contact with your a certain character via the RP boards yet, I won't list them. I will try to update them all but if I leave anyone out let me know.


The Allies

:: Allied Stables ::

The new World slaughter
Members: Mace, Kill Switch, Omen, Seifer, Jamie Peirce

The Aftermath
Members: Sin, JC, FMP3, Jason Blade

The Cause
Members: Megan Lee, Kristilin Flint, Kaitlyn Mackenzie, Marissa Blade, Xandra Clark

The 4 Horsemen
Members: Dante Cross, Seifer, Y2Jesus, Nikki Black


:: Allies ::

Kill Switch ?Info here

Dante Cross ?Info here

Jacob Mitchell ?Info here

Mace ?Info here

Omen ?Info here

Jamie Peirce ?Info here

Sin ?Never interacted

JC ?Info here

FMP3 ?Never interacted

Jason Blade ?Info here

Megan Lee ?Info here

Kristinlin Flint ?Never interacted

Kaitlyn Mackenzie ?Info here

Marissa Blade ?Never interacted

Xandra Clark ?Never interacted

Amethyst Jane ?Info here

Foxy Roxy ?Info here

Angelique ?Info here

Sean Hunter ?Info here

Y2Jesus ?Info here

Nikki Black ?Info here

Cross ?Info here


The Neutrals

:: Neutrals ::

Phantom ?Info here

Creeper ?Info here

Sparrow ?Info here

WallStreet ?Info here

Valek ?Info here

Taylor Lynn ?Info here

50 Cent ?Info here

Lesmond ?Info here

Christian Michaels ?nbsp;Info here

Ryan Cain ?nbsp;Info here

Black Widow ?Info here

William Rodney Mercy ?Info here

Isabella Taylor ?Info here

Whisper ?Info here


The Foes

:: Enemy Stables ::

Asshole Inc.
Members: Syck, Serpent, Sparrow, RuCKuS, James, Angelique, Gypsy, Korey Karnage

The Originators
Members: OBM, Dark Child, 50 Cent, White Trash, Rebecca Rancid, Taylor Lynn


:: Foes ::

NovaCainE ?Info here

Triple H ?Info here

Lee 'Hell' Spawn ?Info here

SFM ?Info here

Syck ?Info here

Serpent ?Info here

OBM ?Info here

Falcon ?Info here

Nic E. Dangerously ?Info here

Power Trip ?Info here

JT Kash ?Info here


More to come if/as I think of them. And information will be upated as well.