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About You

Name: The N
DOB: It was the winter. It was warm. It was the warm winter.
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Email Addy:

About Your Character
<THE Basics>

Ring Name: Seifer
Real Name: Dr. Seifer Jatchimtasanakanorris
Face: Chris Jericho
Age: Unknown

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 247 lbs

Origin: Miami, Florida
Theme Music: "Can't Be Touched" by Roy Jones Jr.
Marital Status: "I don't play but I'm a playa till the mu'fukin' end."

Wrestling Specifics

Valet/Manager: Nein.
Stable: Nein.
Tag-Team Name: Nein.
Tag-Team Partner:

Status: Neutral Madness?- What this means is that Seifer will get insane crowd reactions no matter what he does.
Weapon Of Choice: Steel Chair wrapped in barbed wire.

Style: Pulsar. A style innovated by Seifer in reference to being called the pulse of matches. In addition to control, he's a hybird wrestler, combining aspects such as a strong ground 'n pound game utilizing his technical wrestling and mixed martial arts skills to brawl and take it to the mat. He likes to work fast paced sometimes without the high flying {crowd gets real into it when he kips up} but slows it down to methodically work on his opponent. He's studied quite a few styles in his career and is very adaptive.

Out-of-Ring Appearance:
Casual wear.
In-Ring Appearance: Black boots, black knee pads, black wrestling trunks with a teal dragon in the shape of an S on the back and dark gray lining on the edges. Occasionally athletic tape on his wrists/hands.

Favorite Matches: Steel Environments and any of his specality matches.
Anything The Seifmadness says is quotable!

Accomplishments: BUD Heavyweight Champion {5}, Icon Champion, BudVision Champion, Franchise Champion {2}, Tag Team Champion {w/ Dante Cross}, THC Champion {6}, 2005 & 2006 Master of the Domain; Buddies Awards: Stable of the Year, Ultimate Duo, Best Fued, Match of the Year [won], Co-Outstanding Male Wrestler, Wrestler of the Year.


?nbsp;Suplexes {Any and all suplexes. He'll occasionally bridge pin after a German}
?DDT, Reverse DDT
?Shoulder-collar tie up with knees to midsection and face
?Mudhole stomps
?nbsp;Turnbuckle shoulder thrusts
?nbsp;Flapjack spinebuster {Generally after shoulder thrusts, he picks opponent up with his shoulders turns into the ring, grabbing the legs and slams them down}
?nbsp;Arm wrench and then lift into a sideslam on targeted arm
?Spinning Heel Kick
?Yakuza Kick
?Drop Toe Hold
?nbsp;Knee strikes {While opponent is on the mat, usually from the side}

?nbsp;Sleeper hold {Trips style}
?nbsp;Figure Four Leglock
?nbsp;Kimura lock {From the North-South position is his favorite}
?nbsp;Arm-Triangle choke {Seifer wraps the opponents arm around their head and chokes them, usually on the mat}
?nbsp;Triangle Choke hold {When opponent is on top of Seifer he wraps his legs around their lower body and locks them and then applies the hold with his arms}
?nbsp;Spinebuster {Often used to set up his finisher}
?nbsp;Dragon screw legwhip {A set up for his finisher}
?Dangan bomb {Lifts opponent up like a back body drop but catches them in midair as if going for a spinebuster but instead puts the opponents leg on their shoulders and then Seif drives the opponent onto the mat like a falling powerbomb}

ID Prep Moves:
?Pendulum backbreaker into the backbreaker submission
?Abdominal Stretch
?Gory special {Seifer lifts his opponent onto his shoulders so their upper back is on his shoulders. He then hooks the legs around his legs and applies a chinlock}


Trademark Moves:
?nbsp;"Air Seif? {Stinger Splash}

?"White Lightning? {Ganso bomb. Seifer bends opponent over and grabs a belly to back waistlock before lifting them up until they're vertical. He then drives the opponent down on their neck and shoulder as he goes to his knees. Occasionally if it's a heated match he'll remain standing, making it more impactful/dangerous due to the freefall}

?"The Combo?
   - Part I {Jackhammer}
   - Part II {An elbow drop from the top rope}
   - Part III {Armbar submission}

?"HURR1C4N3D? {Crucifix powerbomb. If they're lighter, he'll just toss them without kneeling}
?"Immortal Deathlock? {Sharpshooter - After a little while if they reach the ropes and are drug back or refuse to tap, he increases the pressure by positioning his outside foot a little back and leans his body back further; making sure to keep his opponent more vertical which adds incredible pressure on the neck now in addition to the lowerback, making it near impossible to escape}
?"Blood Spiller? {Sweet Chin Music - The most paralyzingly effective superkick in the business, often used as a finisher}
   - "BSX? {An Xtreme Blood Spiller. For added effect, Seifer attaches a steel spur to his boot - it never fails to draw blood}
Sacrosanct Finisher:
?"Seifasaki? {Formally known as the "Knights of the Round", it is Seifer's ultimate finisher. Lifting his opponent up onto his shoulders, Seifer swings them out for an F5 and simultaneously turns his own body away from the spin, enabling him to effectively catch their head and drop them with a stunner. However it is on rare occasion he uses this (so ask for permission please).}

Character's Bio

"Veni, Vidi, Vici."

Detailed Entrance

The bell tolls, the lights go out. "Can't Be Touched" by Roy Jones Jr. fires up as the tron sparks to life, showing a stormy night across a vast land of hills with dark thunder clouds rolling in all the while two torches rise on both sides of the entrance ramp, the flames rising up every couple seconds engulfing the stage in an orange redish light.

Can't be touched
Can't be stopped
Can't be moved
Can't be rocked
Can't be shook
We hot
When will you niggaz learn

Came to get crunk
Came to bring life
Came to get it started
Came to get it right
Turn down the music
Turn up my mics
When will you niggaz learn

The crowd rises up and roars with excitement while the video pans throughout the hills as the rain begins to come down. As the storm rages on, fire, explosives, and soldiers can be seen between the many hills as it becomes a battle ground for war. The music picks up as the fire increases, the camera on the video begins to shift upwards, showing the top of the hills labeled with various well known name federations throughout the years.

The cameras zoom out even further, making all the fighting going on between the hills representing different companies seem smaller as a mountain in the center of it all stands out. The camera zooms around quickly side to side, quickly ascending the mountain where still, we see more warriors battling each other as they trek up the mountain. As we continue to ascend the fighters are begginning to become scarce until it's nothing but dirt until we reach the summit. The cameras pan up on The Sempiternal Warrior Seifer with his hands out to both sides, standing atop the mountain over looking all the battle grounds as the storm continues to rage on. We pan to the side of Seifer who flashes a little smirk when the camera zooms quickly forward forward, right towards his eyes as he seems to welcome the challenge. It enters and a large bolt of lightning fills the sky as the screen goes white.

When it does we see teal and silver pryo's explode out across the arena, covering the stage in light and from the smoke we see Seifer. Standing facing the ring with his arms out to the side. The crowd erupts into an insane standing ovation as Seifer lowers his arms and begins to make his way down the ring.

 The video now is zooming across the Miami skyline at night. A storm enters into the city skyline here as well and with it comes another flash of white lightning, upon doing so we're treated to various clips of Seifer hitting his signature moves on different opponents throughout his career all the while being intertwined with the lights of the city.

"From Miami, Florida... weighing in at two hundred and forty seven pounds... SEIFER!"

Seifer arrives at the ring and goes to the left, jumping up onto the apron as he enters between the top and middle ropes. Seifer makes his way to the back right turnbuckle and stands on the second rope, throwing his arms out to the side as the flashes go off like this were a disco club. The crowd begins a "SEIFER" chant as he jumps off and walks to the other side, once more throwing his arms out to the side surveying the frenzied crowd before finally focusing in on the task at hand as his music slowly fades out.

Roster Pic