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General : rp to ER
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From: MSN Nickname∞Everlasting?/nobr>  (Original Message)Sent: 1/15/2009 6:32 PM
I just love when a nigga bring his whole crew
It's just a bigger piece of cake for me to chew a hole thru
I just love when a nigga bring his whole crew
It's just a bigger piece of cake for me to chew a hole thru
I just love when a nigga bring his whole crew
It's just a bigger piece of cake for me to chew a hole thru
I just love when a nigga bring his whole crew
It's just a bigger piece of cake for me to chew a hole thru

"Their WHOLE crew? Who you kidding Seif, quoting DMX like that?"

The sounds of Cross' voice can be heard as he questions Seifer when the scene opens up, showing him, Jacob Mitchell, and Seifer all chilling out by some b-ball courts outside somewhere warm, cause fucka Michigan and its stupid weather. There's of course a camera on them as they drink Gatorade's and sit on some chairs and a basketball.

"Blame Jake, he sent me the song over IM!"

"You always blaming me for shit, YOU DON'T EVEN USE THAT CHAMPIONSHIP RUB FOR ME!"

"Whatever! It's all about the plans anyways, but you want some rub? I'll use some in requesting a match, cause that's about as much as a response as we'll ever get."

Pause, yeah,you know.

"You know I'm talking to the Republic over there, you little Star Wars geeks! MY TEAL LIGHT SABER WILL RIP THROUGH ALL OF YOU EVEN THE GIRLS CAUSE I KNOW THAT MAKES YOU HOT!"

"You forgot The Elite part."

"WHOA! Legacy and Hexus are back?!"

"Elite Republic."

"So like... The ER? Cause that's where they'll end up once we're through with them, OHHHH!"

Snickers go around as Seifer continues.

"So this group, The Elite Republic, seems to me like they think they're above the people they've been fighting. That they thought PWT housed some talent and are what, disappointed? Well of course you'd be disappointed, you've faced a bunch of lackluster nobodies. You want the talent here? You're looking at 'em."

"So these bitches gonna complain and talk some more or finally step up? Cause we called them out a couple times now and nothing but backwash talks."

"Nah man, they'd rather crack fun at the name of our stable, you know, The Horsemen, and how it's not original."

"Didn't you cover that when you made your speech around Hardcore Hell? Wasn't Banch around then too? You'd think he'd inform his buddies."

"Yep. But I guess it's easier for their crew to throw out 'where's Ric?! where's Arn?!' That's cool though, cause whether it's Kings of MSN, NLS, The Syndicate, Sons of Immortality, whatever the hell else we've come up with over the years, it doesn't matter, the whole world knows we're innovators in this business, and I think it's time we gave this Elite Republic a taste of some real competition they say they want."

Seifer nods his head liking how that sounded.

"So Elite Republic, if you're listening, hell, even if you're not you'll find this out sooner or later. It's time to stop playing around and get down to business. This isn't us calling you out and waiting for an answer. It's us saying that we're the top dogs in PWT and if you want to make noise around here you come fight us. Like I said, not an invitation anymore since you ignored it when we issued it on Shockwave, more like a statement that this coming week, we'll get ya in the ring. Yeah, I'm using my 'rub' to get the match booked because let's face it, I been around the business long enough to know that's what people want to see. They want the two top groups in PWT going at it to see who's supreme around these parts. This is your chance to show the world you're for real. Maybe you don't know how PWT runs but management doesn't give pushes to those who sit around and wait for something to happen. You don't want to be punk'd out and have targets on your back during the shows? Step up and do something, make your presence known! You control what goes down, how far you all want to go in this company. You want the gold? You want the glory? You take that sum bitch by the horns and you wrestle it to the ground, don't wait around, go out and take it!"

Seifer's even got his hands out in fists as he visualizes it.

"What the hell, are you trying to trash talk them or inspire them?!"


"He runs out yelling Seify Crane in some promos but the way you go on and on it's more like Seifer Shore!"

"Whatever, at least when I hit my point it's like a nuclear bomb was just dropped!"


"You're gay."

*Middle finger*

"Anyways. It's time to stop the complaining and talking and step up to the plate. You've got the big boys now. This promo ain't about ripping on you cause in my book you've done well at making yourselves known here. It's just letting you know that it's time to step up. Bring your whole crew, the three, four, five, fuck however many you got, it doesn't matter. Since Rebecca retired, bring them against the three of us and we'll see what goes down. Oh and it'd be wise not to think of it as a handicap if you've got more, cause you'll find out soon enough just which team is the handicapped one."


"So that's it, get your act together cause GUESS WHAT GUYS AND GALS, YOU MADE IT TO THE MAIN EVENT! Time to see what ya'll are made of."

The ball's picked up as the three of them head back onto the courts as the scene seizzles out.

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     re: rp to ER   MSN Nickname∞Everlasting?/nobr>  1/15/2009 6:32 PM