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From: MSN Nickname∞Everlasting?/nobr>  (Original Message)Sent: 1/23/2009 1:22 AM

There comes a time in every man and woman's life when they're faced with a chance to dance with destiny. A time when they are presented with an opportunity and all they have to do is put forth the effort, reach out and grab said opportunity in order to see their wildest dreams come true. A time when they get to taste the fruits of their labor, look over the top of the mountain and marvel at the glorious sight that is below them. They can finally breathe a long sigh of relief and let show an exhausted smile as they enjoy the sight of the glistening snow down below and see the many times they've fallen, but now they stand tall. In their hands is...

The luminescence of a golden plated championship. The scent of fresh leather breaking through the stench of sweat around them as if the title was created by God and placed in their hands at the top of this mountain. The feeling is unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

And it one swooping instance...

The sounds of glass shattering blasts through the once quiet scene that comes to life as a feeling of panic and rush is amongst us. Perhaps it's the daunting, anxiety inducing music that is playing, or maybe it's because everything seems to be chaotic as glass is all around the streets of a city, a very familiar city. In fact the footage itself is very familiar. Eerily so as we the cameras quickly pan out from the single shard of glass to a multitude of glass and concrete, doors, and people alike. The shot pans out further as the chills go down our spine for it's the site of...

"Ground Zero when the Towers collapsed."

The music gives off a thundering dun dun dun as the voice of Seifer has cut through to break away this terrible memory.

The cameras aren't so much focused on the towers, the crowds, the chaos, or even the rumble, but that first single glass window that shattered, reminding us how it all began today. It zooms back in once more as Seifer's voice, very ominous like can be heard.

"One moment everything is standing still, everything is quiet and the feeling of invincibility is upon you and the very next second, everything you know comes crashing down around you. The second the glass shatters, you know it's all over. That glass shattering represents exactly what I once was back in my early days in The Domain and the very man that I intend to become once more."

The sight of Ground Zero on September 11th, 2001 slowly begins to fade out until we find Seifer standing in a similar way he was before when we last left him, only now his arms are resting to his side and he's looking forward, right into our souls. Turns out it was only a video projection of that day as Seifer is standing in front of a screen that takes up the entire background.

"When you picture yourself as the Domain Heavyweight Champion, when you see yourself hitting the Trash'd and getting the final count, it's a glorious feeling, isn't it? The jolts of natural electricity that rushes through your body as your mind tells you that you finally did it, you finally experienced what it's like to be on top of the world, a moment that no one can ever take from you. Then when you see that glass shattering as chaos erupts and nothing else can be heard you go into a daze.

"What's... happening? What's happening is a kick out happened, the chaos is what happens next... it's what happens right before you black out."

Seifer turns around halfway so his side is facing the camera as the background image changes to one where we see White Trash lying in the middle of the ring pretty much out of it from a match at some point in her past. Seifer reaches over and slaps her lightly on her face, at least his hand is positioned the right way so it gives off that effect.

"Wake up White Trash, wake up Ruby Lynn. You alright Ruby? Can you hear me?

"Huh..? What happened?"

The image quickly changes to an arrow being shot into someone's heart as we see poisonous traces of dark green filtering throughout the entire body as it eats away at everything inside.

"You lost."

That body quickly decays away from the inside as the image switches back to White Trash in the ring before being paused on cue as Seifer, still bending down, turns on his feet over to us.

"No loud redneck yells of outrage, no cries of false treatment, no complaining, no bickering, no nothing. Just the silence of disappointment and the trouble remembering exactly what happened. You had it, it was yours, you saw yourself standing atop the mountain and now this... you hear someone else's music... those lights, they look so bright behind the referees face, what is he saying now? You can't hear, maybe you can, but you don't want to hear. The only words that are still audible to you are echoing through your head like a thousand voices in a dark cave screaming in unison "You lost", yet in a quiet painstaking voice all at the same time."

Much like the way the last promo ended, another bright white light fills the screen, only this time it doesn't go to darkness, but rather a flash of a body kicking out. The projection behind us show it's in an outlined formed, enabling us to capture the essence of the flashing shards of an image or two.

"Slowly but surely, it's coming back."

The flash happens again, this time just as bright as the last.

"Two bodies standing, wobbling as they do so."

Another flash, this one much more painful.

"You shut your eyes hoping that it will erase the memory of everything around you. A duck, a turn, a boot right to the face..."

FLASH, this time even brighter and the pain spearheading right through the eyes and into the brain.

"You can't remember anything after that. You try, try hard to remember and finally you are able to. You can feel the strength in your body coming back, the excellent feeling is returning to you and suddenly you feel a sense of hope, a sense of light at the end of the tunnel. It was all a dream, all a horrible dream. Everything is blocked out as you heard the final hand hit for the third time and you stand up, you're back on that mountain as the championship gold you've waited your entire life for is being put in your hands. A true sigh of relief and joy, it's all yours, all all yours."

No flash this time, rather a large shadow over head. The projections help put visual imagery to Seifer's words.

"Curious, and feeling invincible now, you look up and inspect the object, completely unaware that it is far closer than you think. The next thing you know..."

Glass shatters.

"Before you stands a man looking down at you as the referee is shoved aside. You try and peel open your eyes but the light is too bright to keep them open very long. You don't recognize him at first until you turn your head and see the championship hanging from his hand, you know it's your opponent. The crushing feeling of defeat returns as you realize who you just danced with, and what just happened.

He told you it would happen.

You didn't believe him.

He told you it would happen.

You thought you could prove him wrong.

He told you it would happen.

It happened."

One more flash fills the screen and the projection is now in a hospital room, IV's are abound.

"Your eyes are still closed but the sounds of a slow beeping machine is heard and then the sounds of doctors and nurses voices outside the room chattering away to someone that seems worried about you. They assure them that you're fine, you can go home tonight. A sigh of relief again, only this time as an afterthought. You didn't win, but you're alive, you're fine, your career will continue on the right track. All is good again for you know it's true. You went up against what you thought was a myth. You went up against the man known as the Dream Shatterer. You did with your dreams as your guard and he did what the legend always said he does and that was shatter them. You didn't believe it, couldn't, you just had to try but now you see the light. The myth is true, the myth is real."

The projector slowly fades out into nothingness as all that's left is Seifer, still standing there, as brazen and fierce as ever. The way the lights are on him, Seifer's image is one in a blueish light, enabling him to give off the feel that he's almost not real, not really there. However his words come through crisp, clear, and bold, reminding us that he's very real, he's very there.

"There are some things in this life you can prevent. Be it through preparation, taking necessary cautions, thinking ahead of a situation, whatever the case may be. Yet there are some things in life that no matter how much you disagree with them, no matter how much you believe you hold everything at stake in your own hands, you find out that's not always the case. There is someone else that holds what you desire in their hands. That someone is me White Trash, that someone is Seifer. The myth of what I am... I can feel it coming back into my body. Like a long lost spirit searching for the body it once inhabited. It has found me again...

"The Dream Shatterer. It's back in the realm of Seifer, back and meshing with the aura that is my very presence as it fills in all the empty spaces with a mission to create fulfillment. For myself, for itself, I'm not really sure, but I can feel it."

A sincere smile.

"Don't waste your time with any exorcizing techniques for this is a very willing re-union. I welcome my mind and spirit to awaken a part of my psyche that has long been dormant. I welcome them to make it active once more and turn me into the Dream Shatterer that roamed through the halls of The Domain without a care in the world who's dreams I shattered in the process. Unfortunately for you, this week happens to be your week. You happen to be my first challenger for my championship. Looking at who it could have been from Drew Stevenson to Zarek Lyle to Menacide, I'm glad it's you White Trash. Glad it's someone that has been here longer than them, that has seen more of both the good and the bad of BUD and is still walking out the other side. For I can appreciate even more the struggle you may have had to go through as you work your way up the ladder to becoming a known force in the wrestling world of The Domain. It's that appreciation by me that enables me to take a greater sense of joy when, like the mirror casting the shadow on your glorious day, I bring it and your dreams shattering down into a million pieces. Walk away and leave you to pick them up and put them back together so that you may continue on once more."

Seifer walks over and takes a seat on the ground, finding it more comfortable to be sitting Indian style as he exhibits good posture with his back completely straight, yet seems to be comfortable.

"White Trash, already you've shown to be a worthy adversary of mine by throwing out a little history lesson. From BUD's first woman to hold the championship in Destiny to its last in Rebecca Rancid. Perhaps you don't believe that the likes of Angelique, Amethyst Jane, or Cyber deserve to be mentioned amongst them, but it is after all your opinion and that's fine. Regardless of that, I can even see where you come from in talking about trying to make lightning strike twice, in the form of me losing a championship at a Wayz to Die PPV, to a woman no less. Yet, I'm not that big into the whole 'what happened at this PPV years ago' in terms of it being an omen or something that's meant to be or anything. Sure, I'll mention it like I did back at Krystmas Kaos, but beyond a brief mention, it's no big thing. It's more important for me to look at the actual history of ones career in said company. You want lightning to strike twice, well it already has. Both Amethyst Jane and Rebecca Rancid have defeated me for Heavyweight titles of mine... and yet I still managed to extract my revenge be it for the title or not, be it a week later or a month."

Seifer nods his head, it was a long time ago and it was clear that it didn't bother Seifer in the least bit in present time.

"One great thing about me is I've always managed to allow defeats to roll off my back like water and move on, making sure not to make the same mistakes twice. It's funny that both of those losses were against friends of mine, well one a friend and the other a girlfriend, so if anything two similar yet slightly different circumstances. Though to correct you, Rebecca was never a student of mine, just my girl at the time. Call it me being selfish but I never took the time to actually train others simply because I'd rather spend that time and energy into making my career better. I don't consider giving friends and foes alike pointers and advice here and there because that just simply comes with being a veteran." he pauses to get himself back on track, "But I digress, it takes me back to when I first came into BUD. For a couple months prior I had been on a trip saying that 'women makes men weak' and people here in The Domain heard that when I came in. In fact, I've made mention of it a few times even when I dealt with the late Nikki Black, going over the times when the Horsemen were the elite stable in BUD. Granted its been years since I preached that and no longer use it simply because it's not always the case. You're only as strong as the weakest link. If the weak one fuck up, you fuck up. That takes the blame off it being just on women and spread it around to anyone in a group or partnership that may be dropping the ball.

"Yet at the same time it's like a vicious cycle that has come back to bite me in the ass. Three times I've fallen to women for a heavyweight championship. I told you two, and the other was another redneck rassler and former BudVision Champion in Georgia James. Although that was early on in my career over in Michigan and it was only for a vacated title, but she prevented me from winning it again nonetheless. Yet there too, I extracted my revenge. So while only three times doesn't seem like a lot in a long career filled with many, many championships, for me it always was a humorous reminder. Since then however, I've strengthened by defenses and decided that if a woman is going to be a wrestler and want to mix it up with the men, then that shows they damn sure know and can take whatever the men dish out, and most can dish it right back to boot! Which is always an admirable quality.

"So Ms Lynn, I admire your toughness, your head strong keep your dreams alive mentality as you walk into this thang thinking that you can actually do it and defeat me. I admire that little bit of cockiness you walk around with for it shows that you aren't going to cower over in fear. Being from Tha South it just seems right that a redneck chick would behave in such a way, you certainly are living up to expectations. However, they are expectations. All of that, even having never faced you before, is something I've come to expect. I go back to Georgia James, another blonde southern belle who goes into a match with a little bit of a swagger. Perhaps you've faced, and even defeated her when she was in BUD, I don't know. I do know that she's had her ups and downs but luckily for me I've faced her on a couple occasions in which she was at the top of her game and not in the depths. What's that got to do with you? Nothing more than saying that I know a little something about the ballsy guts of a redneck woman looking to take something I have."

Seifer stands up now and points to himself on the chest, before making a motion around his waist and then once more pointing at his chest.

"Something that *I* have. You keep dreaming those dreams Ruby Lynn, keep the dream alive long enough so that White Trash can enter the ring and place her dream in my hand and I will do what I do best and that's shatter it. It's a cold world Dub Tee, but that's the way of the wrestling world. You know this, therefore you know that when we go out there and I do what I do it's going to simply be business. I look forward to hearing from you again because as I said before, I want to turn this into something great, and I think you just may be the woman I need across from me so that can happen."

Seifer nods his head and turns, walking towards the now long dark projection screen as a fade out effect is seen and Seifer gets smaller and smaller until he's gone completely.