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Understanding Bandwidth
Everytime someone posts a
tag on Signature Designz
 it puts that image into
 storage somewhere.
At this time, MSN allows
each passport account 3mb
of free storage.
Alot of our staff/taggers as well as
some members have found it
useful to use free storage sites
(Image Hosting Sites)
 outside of MSN; so that their
images can stay posted longer
 and to make up for the storage
 used to create MSN albums such as
our snag album and our
request albums.
These "free" sites only allow a
certain amount of Bandwidth per
month.  If the image hosting account
has people copying and pasting
their images, it takes from
 their bandwidth amount.
This can actually cause that person
to have their account shut down
for a certain amount of time
until their month refreshes & it
is considered Bandwidth Theft.
Because management has been
running into a certain amount of
problems with this happening, we
thought it would be beneficial to have
this tutorial to teach you how to
figure out on your own whether
an image is safe to
copy and paste or not.
**For those who do not want to do all
this to figure it out, we would highly
suggest that you save all images to
your hard drive first before posting
a tag that you just snagged
 or picked up.
For those of you who want to learn how,
here is our simple tutorial to help.
Bandwidth Tutorial
There are really only a few steps to
figure out where the image you are fixing to
copy & paste came from.
Step One:
Put your cursor over the picture
and right click.
(All images are exclusively for Signature Designz)
At the bottom of the box that pops up is "Properties"
Click this box
Step Two
 Another box will appear:
In the area highlighted in red is the
address of where this image is stored.
This image was posted in MSN.
As long as you copy and paste within
MSN, it is safe to copy & paste
 without first saving
(as long as it isn't an image that
we've asked you to not remove)
Here is an example of an address
that is NOT in MSN.
This address says Photobucket.
Any address that does not say
should NOT be copied and pasted.
There are several image host sites
other than the one above.
Save to your hard drive first
before  posting.
That's all there is to this tut.
Very simple, don't you think?
Every group you are in has
problems like this if they use
other storage sites.
The management at Signature Designz
hopes that with this information
you can help us manage our
storage on these host sites by
doing the right thing: So we can
continue to offer you lots of
tags & snags!
Your questions are always welcome
in Manager Help.
Thanks for your time!
~Signature Designz Staff~
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