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Signature Designz Request & Group Rules

In order for a group to be at their best, there must be a few rules in order to keep away the drama and problems many groups end up having.  Our group is more about friendship, caring, and support. 
New Members have 5 days to post an introduction on the General Board after being accepted.  If a new member fails to check in within the time limit, their membership will be cancelled. We require some participation in order to request tags and remain a member at Signature Designz.  Members that do not sign in and post occasionally will have their memberships cancelled.  
We are rated as a mature group, but please keep it "G" rated as to the tags made and posted on the boards. Please do not use profanity in your posts and do not post any tags that are not suitable for all audiences.
Please be respectful of each other.  Everyone must conduct themselves in a polite and adult like manner.  Rudeness, bashing or flaming of another member or anyone else will not be tolerated on our boards.   Any rude, unkind  posts, or insinuations will be deleted.  If a member continues to cause trouble they will be banned.  Please keep anything negative off the boards as it will be deleted. 
Management reserves the right to delete any post or cancel anyone's membership without warning.  Please make sure that you have your
e-mail preferences set to read your mail on the web.  For your safety, we require that you please hide your e-mail address.
To keep our group safe of copyright art that isn't properly credited,  the ONLY tags allowed to be made or posted will be from the artists and tube sites that we have the permission posted.  Please check out the Artist Permissions and the Safe Source Sites.  We are a copyright aware group and respect the wishes of the artists.  In order to make tags for yourself and members at Signature Designz, you must have completed the Bel's Safe Graphics School.  It takes less than an hour to do so.  Please post your scores
◄◄◄Bel's Safe School Graphics Scores►►?/FONT> 
Upon approval, you will then become a member tagger once we know you understand the rules for making tags and applying the copyright information.  Our permissions are for use here at Signature Designz ONLY and cannot be used to make tags for your friends or for you to use in other groups. 
The only snags that can be posted are ones that our Bel's Graduates have made themselves.  Once approved, Bel's Graduates may make tags for members by having Surprise Siggies, WOL, and WWO.  Please follow the Rules for Making Offers.
Reguesting of any tags can be made from the tagger's albums only.  If you see another member with a tag you want, you will have to wait until the tagger places it up for request.  We have a tag request limit of two tags at a time on all request boards, unless the tagger has other rules posted on their board. After you have picked up your tags, you may request two more from each tagger depending on their rules.  Please let the tagger know that you have picked up with a thank you.  Save all tags that we make for you to your computer. Please pick up your tags in a timely manner.  Storage space can be a problem for taggers.   If you are requesting, please make notes of your requests and where you need to pick up.  Our time is precious and it is very discouraging to make tags and then not have them picked up.   We do not alter another tagger's artwork.  Please do not ask our taggers to make tags for anyone outside of the group.  All tags you request for yourself, please make sure they are tags that will be for use at Signature Designz.
There will be no requesting done via messenger, mailboxes, email, etc.  Please keep all requesting and pickups on the request boards.  Any gifts made for other members must be delivered via mailboxes or on the appropriate thread, such as MOTW.  All requested tags should be picked up on the thread the request was made from.  There are reasons for this and all the rules, so please abide by all the rules set forth. 
We ask that you make up a mailbox by using one of our mailbox sets.  If there is a problem at any time, we can keep it as private as possible.  We all make mistakes and they aren't a problem here, it is getting the mistakes corrected that is important.  Your mailbox is also used for delivery of pressies that you have won or just a present from another member.
Do not post your e-mail addy on the boards, and do not post any links without approval first from management We are a "G" posting group and links could lead to material not suitable for all ages.   If you have something to share with the group, please get prior approval before posting so we can make sure it is not in conflict with MSN code of conduct.   

Spamming will not be tolerated.  This includes joining just to invite others to your group.  Management is aware of all posting, and you will be removed as a member.  There will be no promoting of groups at Signature Designz, and there will be no banner exchanges.  To keep our group safe, we would have to monitor each group for content, and we don't have time to do that.  There will no be advertising or selling allowed to be posted on the boards.
The cheat method of posting tags is not allowed at Signature Designz.  We will know if you use this method.

When posting a signature tag, it is a Signature Designz rule that you include a few words of text.
Please read the MSN Code of Conduct as we follow MSN Rules.

New Members Start Off Here
Meet Our Staff
Address all problems or complaints to the manager by email.
Signature Designz Management


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