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From: Jacque  (Original Message)Sent: 9/27/2008 9:34 PM


 Google for Website
Written Permission
Cannot Use link on tags 

Credits:  ©Cris Ortega


Permission to use all of her commission art with the
exception of the image posted below.

Permission is on file and can be available upon request

Permission is granted to use her art without the link.
Please keep her images "G" rated

Use only images that don't include her link
Most Tubes or art would be ok
Terms per website and written permission

If you have a personal website, blog or community site and you want to use some of my artworks or poems, you can do it ONLY with this conditions:
· the images should not be modified (as changes on the face or body and dress)
· the poems should not be modified in any circunstance
· you should include my name as the author near of the image/poem and a link to my site
· your site must not contain illegals, pornographics, offensives or racist materials
· your site must be non-commercially and you can't sell any with my works on it
· you can't link directly to my artworks, upload them to your own hosting
· use only the artworks, not the wallpapers, icons or buttons
· you should send to me a mail asking for permission with your URL
If you follow this rules you will have my permission to use my work. Please, write to and you will receive my answer.
Do Not Use
This is commissioned artwork of Cris Ortega and artist's do not allow their commissioned
art to be used.
 Please check your Gail Gastfield folder as well.  This art image has been mismarked with Gail Gastifled's copyright on it.

Signature Designz Management