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From: Jacque  (Original Message)Sent: 9/20/2008 4:45 AM
OnSite Permission
Google - cannot link
Google - Artist's That Allow.
1st Link on the page.
I will be zipped my tubes and uploaded to
4shared.  Email me if you would like this file.

Always keep it "G" rated


                Credits:   ©Hellonlegs         



OnSite Permission

i would prefer © hellonlegs, near the image . you can colour the clothes hair etc  add any animation , tube.   i do these because i was fed up of doing a tut and having the artist revoke permissions , its such a bind when your a tut writer and just as frustrating for the psper . it seems to cost us more and more each year to use artists stuff , im sorry ,for me this is just a hobby its not my lifes work . so i decided to do these vector ladies for people in the same boat as myself love psping but can't afford to keep up with all the ptu stuff .