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OOC Board : SEF Reopening & Moving
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From: MSN NicknameMack 420  (Original Message)Sent: 12/28/2008 9:54 PM
SEF closed earlier this year and in its place I opened a fed called MCW, but now I merged it with SEF which is reopening as of January 5th. I'm taking it off of MSN as well cause of it closing and this a perfect time to do so. If you want to join, then your welcome to, but January 5th will be the first show regardless of how many r/per's join. At first will be using my own characters to book cards with, just storyline everything and have few r/p's, but hopefully we get r/per's and then we'll transistion back to a regular r/ping fed. I'll r/p as my characters if ya face them, you'll always win unless we have a story together, I'm not using them for glory, just to fill cards and like I said, maybe use them in stories, they will not be jobbers exactly, but they will put you over, not the other way around. Hopefully I get enough people right away I don't have to use my characters after the first show, but we'll see. So now its time for the link, to join SEF just click the logo below. If I don't see ya all there its been fun r/ping with ya, take care of yourselves and peace.
Showstoppa's Extreme Federation