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Layla Helmsley : WGEF
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From: MSN Nickname♥●ŃàūĝħťŷĂńģĕł•♥  (Original Message)Sent: 1/17/2009 7:34 PM


Warning// The Roleplay your about to read may be filled with unsafe material for people under the age of 13. It may contain the following... sexual content, vulgar actions, and a lot of swearing. So please whatever you do, do not read this if you can not handle it, because there is a possiblity you can be offended and if you are then to bad you should not be so weak at heart about it, but do not say I did not warn you. However this is an official Layla Helmsley Roleplay!

_OOC: Trying out this character its been a while so

Roleplay Here...Ok here you go Tamms any changes please let me know babes 2 days for changes and hope that the layout is to your liking...Enjoy!

©.ωяаррзđ.їй.ℓάс? The following was made for Tamms at DAF for her purposes only! Touch and there will be some trouble!