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Cheerleading never looked this good...

image|Warning Begin|This rp may include some things that isn't stuible for young people.Sex, Violence and Curse words maybe in this rp. If you do not like any of that exit now. Otherwise enjoy the rp and contunie on! But all you whiners dont come complaing about the rp because you have been warned!


|: Psycho Cheerleading 101...

Roleplay would obviously go inside here

...Mickie James :|

This layout was made by Heartlessgoddess for the DF Challange of the month of June. This is to be used by nobody with out my permission.image If I find out that someone is using this layout I will personally see to it that you are hurt. This layout is in no way affiliated with The WWE, Vince Mcmahon, or Mickie James (c) 2006

Mickie James...