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WGEF Roleplays : Roleplay to Adam
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From: MSN Nickname♥●ŃàūĝħťŷĂńģĕł•♥  (Original Message)Sent: 1/13/2009 4:46 AM

The Roleplay your about to read may be filled with unsafe material for people under the age of 16. It may contain the following... sexual content, vulgar actions, and a lot of swearing. So please whatever you do do not read this if you can not handle it, because there is a possiblity you can be offended, but do not say I did not warn you. However this is an official Kaylee Adams Roleplay!


O.O.C: Okay like I told Angela if you aint gonna talk to me then why are Adam and Kaylee going to be together?. I mean its a pretty simply situation.

 It has been a long three days since Friday Night Fight Night went off the air with the shock of an ending to the Main Event. Kaylee had her should checked out and was told it was just a minor itrritation it would be fine. She was very thankful becuse that very next day she attended The wedding of WGEF womens champion Jeanette Salzaar and caught the bouquet. You would think the diva was happy that life was okay, however, you couldnt be more wrong. Kaylee had to go to the wedding by herself because all of her calls to her boyfriend Adam went unanswered. She left him a few messages then decided that she would just talk to him at the arena when they do Rampage. As Kaylee arrives in the country of Mexico there is a car waiting for her to take her to the arena. She is by herself this trip leaving her children at home with her mother. God knows what kind of diseases this country had. She got into the car and arrived at the arena shortly. Her things were forwarded to her hotel and she walked inside the building. Allowing the air conditioner to cool her off Kaylee sets off down the hallway looking for one person and one person only. She finally found him hanging out with Deacon, Temper Triple H and Trish Stratus-Copes. Kaylee walked over and started to talk.
Hey everyone.
Took you long enough to get here.
I know been busy the past couple of days.
Oh so much fun.
Yeah it is sorry to break this up but um Adam can I speak to you in private.
Kaylee walks out of the room and then listens as he follows her. The two begin to walk more towards where her office would be and then walk inside. As Kaylee enters through the door she looks at Adam and starts to talk.
Is there something wrong?
No what gives you that idea?
Oh I dont know the fact that you havent called or maybe havent picked up when I have called you. I thought we were supposed to go to Jeanettes wedding together but I ended up going alone.
Everything is fine.
Obviously not. Look Adam im going to be straight with you here. Everything was fine until last friday when the match was won by neither team. I walked into that match with you and fought side by side with you injuring myself in the process. I gave that match mjy all and what happens? I get ignored by you all weekend. I mean what the fuck is the problem? Are you pissed because you didnt win? Waht tell me because I am confused here Adam and I dont know where its all leading.

©άđđїтзđ ģℓαмоц?Made for Tamms by Jen at DAF... dont be stupid and decide to steal cause it would be dumb on your part and besides I always catch fucking thieves! Dont do it...