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WGEF Roleplays : Test
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From: MSN Nickname♥●ŃàūĝħťŷĂńģĕł•♥  (Original Message)Sent: 1/23/2009 3:55 AM

The Roleplay your about to read may be filled with unsafe material for people under the age of 16. It may contain the following... sexual content, vulgar actions, and a lot of swearing. So please whatever you do do not read this if you can not handle it, because there is a possiblity you can be offended, but do not say I did not warn you. However this is an official Kaylee Adams Roleplay!


O.O.C: Okay first of all I am really tired of booking people for shows and nobody posting till last minute. As of now that stops. Second of all if you have a problem then you come to me. There are fucking 68 People in this fed and there is no reason why everyone one of you cant be active. There is no mother fucking reason why you can post on the General Board but not the Show boards when your booked. If you cant be booked INFORM MANAGEMENT and we will try our best to change things and help you out. I am sick and tired of the same people posting over and over again to keep this place active. Call me a bitch call me whatever you want but I REFUSE TO LET A PLACE I WORKED SO FUCKING HARD FOR GO DOWN THE DRAIN BECAUSE PEOPLE CANT FUCKING DO WHAT THEY HAVE TO DO!

The scene stars off backstage outside of the doors belonging to WGEF Owners Trish Stratus Copes and Kaylee Adams. Yelling is heard from inside and everyone can clearly tell that they are both upset and in a heated argument. As we walk inside the room we see the Tag Team Titles and the WGEF Undisputed title sitting on the desk and the two divas talking.
Who the hell does he think he is?
I really dont know Trish but we have a fucking huge problem here.
Whats the problem?
Well the fact that we have no Tag Team or Undisputed Champion really seems to be a problem to me. I mean honestly Trishy what are we going to do when we move?
Find new Champions of course.
How can we do that when nobody really does anything around here? Its the same people who want to better themselves in the company. Nobody is really stepping up to the plate to try and better themselves. To prove that they need to be in the spotlight. Nobody is doing shit to say Hey pick me let me have  a chance. I mean honestly Trish can you tell me there is someone in this company besides Jeanette tho deserves to be Womens Champion? Can you tell me there is someone else in the company besides Deacon and Drew who can really fight for that WGEF Undisputed TItle. As for Tag teams do we actually have any of those? I mean honestly this is a big deal.
Well there is Hunter who has been looking for a shot.
When was the last time he did anything Trish? All he does is flap his gums about how hes the best and hes this and hes that. If he was any fucking good he would have beat Deacon and Dylan to become contender. But no what is he going to do? Hes going to kiss your ass until he gets what he wants then hes gonna turn on you and talk about how hes this big fucking puppet master.
Okay well how about Winterborm?
The man who came oh so close but yet cant get the job done? PLease hes WGEF's version of Jeff Hardy only he will never hit that bar. He will never win the world title. He will never be good enough and to be honest the only reason why he got the shot was because someone vouched for him and I tought he could use the shot but like everytime he just couldnt get the job done. I dont know about you but you just kinda give up after the fifth time.
True. OKay well we can find someone.
Oh Im going to same for hte womens title. We need contenders for that and nobody has stepped up except for Angela Stewart. I mean honestly we have a whole half of roster of women who do nothing but lie on their fucking backs and look for their netxt lay. What happened to the Kat Sanders, Shamaine James fuck what happened to my sister or Gia Diamond?
Well there is Adalyne Rayne.
Please dont get me started on Mister Fucking Kings protoge. The bitch half the time no shows and when she does there isnt that much of as howing from her. Why the fuck should I waste Jeanettes time when we know that Adalyne isnt going to live up to the hype. You see thats thing sleeping with Chris Michaels, I mean working under Chris Michaels, Wait Working with Chris Michaels. He makes you think that you are this big fish in a small pond when all you really are is nothing but a litttle puny oyster in that huge ocean. An oyster without a pearl inside I have to add.
Well then I dont know what to do Kay.
Oh I do. Trust me its time we shake things up around here.
Kaylee takes the undisuted Title and she drapes it over her shoulder and turns on her heels walking out of the room. She ignores the looks she gets and continues to walk down the hall. Kaylee reaches the steps and walks out them and listens as "Hysteria" by Muse  starts to play from the speakers blasting loudly from the PA system and as it does the crowd rises to their feet and start to boo as they know exactly who is heading their way. A slow 'slut' chant starts to expand in the stands of the crowds and the lights around the stage begin to slowly change colors from pink to purple and back to pink alternating quickly and they do the same in the crowd and in the ring. A slow pink fog starts to cover the stage as the fans are amazed by the color of this unique entrance and the curtains begin to move and Kaylee finally emerges from behind the think black fabric to the fans disgust as she comes out with an evil smirk on her face. The camera zooms right in on Kaylee, who is standing at the top of the stage with a hated smile on her face from the reception she is receiving, but Kaylee does not care what these fans are thinking at this point in time. Knowing that they are just there to try and put her down she ignores them all and Kaylee then begins to walk down the ramp at her  usual pace while she looks back and forth from the side to side at all of the fans who hold up their signs that diss Kaylee and they continue to boo. A few fans pull themselves over the barricade and stick their thumbs in the air and slowly turn them upside down as Kaylee rolls her eyes at them. As Kaylee gets to the bottom of the ramp, she sees a man at ring side who is wearing one of her T-shirts and is jumping for joy with a devastating look in his eyes as if he wants Kaylee and he is so glad to finally see Kaylee to the point where he almost drops the camera in his hands down to the floor to break into small tiny particles. Kaylee smiles as if she is going to do something nice for him and she walks over to him with that same deceiving smile on her face as she simply bends over the barricade and embraces the man with what he thought was going to be a friendly hug but instead Kaylee pushes the man back in his seat and she spits on him and then positions herself so that he can take a look at Kaylee now and notice that she is not the nice little woman she used to be. As the man extends his arm out with the camera Kaylee quickly knocks it out of his hand and someone else picks it up and takes the shot of Kaylee showing her aggressive side. The crowd begins to boo even more as she brushes her hair behind her back and she smiles as if she was innocent and did nothing wrong and then walks up over to the steel ring steps. Kaylee climbs up the steps and walks onto the ring apron and rolls her eyes to some of the fans in the arena before bending down and entering the ring through the middle and bottom ropes. Standing back up in a straight position Kaylee walks up to the ropes closest to the camera first to give a shot for television before rising her arms up and placing them on her hips as she shakes her head at all of the pitiful fans. Kaylee knows that as much as they hate her they decide to take an enormous amount of pictures of her. Kaylee then turns around and slowly walks to the other side of the ring and repeats the move as Lillian Garcia begins to speak. Kelly Young: Welcome from Winchester, Massachusetts…Kaylee Adams! The fans give out another boo for Kaylee and continue the slut chants as she walks over to Lillian Garcia and gives her an evil glare as she snatches the microphone from Lillian and Lillian looks at Kaylee with a strange look but Kaylee quickly sends Lillian a little message with her eyes as she takes that as her time to get out of the ring as she does. Kaylee begins walking into the center of the ring and waiting for the music to die down and for the crowd to stop their stupid chanting and bullshitting. As a moment passes, eventually the lights return to normal and "Hysteria" slowly dies down into silence after fading from the PA system and the crowd continues to chant and boo, but Kaylee then looks around as they get the feeling that it is their time to shut their damn mouths. As they start to silence down a bit that gives Kaylee her clue to raise her microphone to her lips and begin to speak to all of the ignorant fans in the building.
Why dont you fucking ignorent people shut your damn mouths. When I am out here you all will show me your respect of you can hit the fucking door. I have had ebough ofd you all running your mouth about me and tallking ashit you dont know. You see for 5 long years I have owned and operated this company with my best firned Trish Stratus-Copes. Through the years we have had out ups, downs and sideways happeenings but as you can see we have made it through just fine. I knjow you all heard that our WGEF Undisputed Champion Chris McKenzie left the company the other day. Well you know what it might have hurt the company because we have no champion right now but like before we will get through it. You see Chris held onto this title for 7 long months. When people like Deacon Havok and Chris Michaels and Chris Orton and Jason James and everyone else who was in contendership for it left the compay Chris McKenzie stepped up and he showed that he had what it took to be at the top of the chair. He proved that with Hard Work and Determination that anything was possible and he caught that ball and ran with it. Ran farther then anyone in this company  has. He ran with his undefeated streak for almost 11 months. Now he just ran away from the company sighting screw jobs was his reason for leaving. Well I can honestly say here in WGEF there have been no screw jobs. IN OUT ENTIRE 5 YEAR RUN WE HAVE NEVER SCREWED ANYONE OVER. THIS COMPANY HAS TRIED ITS FUCKING HARDEST TO BE FAIR IN ALL DECISIONS. WE HAVE SPENT HOURS UPON HOURS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT IS RIGHT WITH IT AND FOR SOMEONE WHO WE GAVE A CHANCE SOMEONE WHO WE HIRED ON A WHIM TO COME OUT HERE AND SAY THAT SHIT REALLY PISSED ME OFF. NOW LATELY I HAVE BEEN PRETTY MELLOW BIT I CAN TELL YOU AS OF RIGHT NOW I AM PISSED. HE SET ME OFF IN WAYS NOBODY WILL KNOW.  [Kaylee takes a break and then starts to talk again] Now with the recent departure of Chris also went the departure of the tag team champions Dylan and Tapanga James. Those two I can honestly say will be missed because they like Chris stepped up and claimed what they wanted. When nobody else was doing shit they stepped up and became tag team champions. Tapanga became the womens champion and Dylan the number one contender for the Undisputed title. Those two should be an inspiration to us all. They are welcome back in this company whenever they want. If they want, WGEF wishes them nothing but luck in whatever they do. [Kaylee takes yet another break and starts to talk again] Which bring me to the reason why I am out here in front of your morons [Crowd boos] Here we go again. I AM NOT DONE TALKING SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS. You see I have noticed a trend around here in the company. People only step up when they think its convenient for the,. They only want to do something when there is something big to gain from it. Cace in point would be a number one contenders match or a tournament because there is something to gain from it. IE a title shot. I think its really time that all of you step up and prove that you want to makle it in this company. I suggest that you all do something to impress me beacuse as of right now nobody here has done anything to impress me, nobody has done anything to prove to me that your worth to have a shot to hold WGEF's biggest asset and nobody has even showed me that they want it. Everyong is simply doing what they have to do to get by day by day match by match. All you do is continue to struggle and prove that your not worth by doing that. Now I do know that Chris had agreeded to give Drew a shot and when the time is right I will name his opponent but you all better work off to prove to me w ho you think should get it. You better fucking impress me and prove to me that you want it. That you want to be the best. That you are CAPABLE of being the best. [Kaylee takes another breath] Another thing is I am sick and tired of booking people to appear on my show and you half assing it. I am sick and tired of you all slacking off and leaving others to pick up your slack. I AM TIRED OF YOU ALL NOT SHOWING ON SHOWS WHERE YOU ARE BOOKED. YOUR BOOKED YOU BETTER SHOW UP. YOU CANT SHOW UP YOU BETTER HAVE A DAMN GOOD EXCUSE AS TO WHY YOUR NOT THERE. AS OF RIGHT NOW I AM PUTTING THE WHOLE COMPANY ON NOTICE YOU CONTINUE TO HALF ASS AND NOT DO YOUR JOB YOU WERE HIRED FOR WE WILL HAVE NO PROBLEM IN TERMINATING YOUR CONTRACT. AS OF RIGHT NOW THE THREE STRIKE RULE IS BACK IN EFFECT. WHICH MEANS YOU DONT SHOW YOU GET A WARNING. SECOND TIME SUSPENED AND THIRED WELL YOU WILL FIND YOUR ASS ON THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE AND IW ILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU DONT GET YOUR WEEKELY CHECK. Now with that said the WGEF undisputed title will stay in my posession until I announce the particpant to face Drew Stevenson. You want the shot impress me.
"Hysteria" by Muse starts to play again and Kaylee tosses her mic to the ground before getting out of the ring and  walks backstage heading into her office. Kaylee places the WGEF Undisputed title in a case and locks it before the scene zooms in on the title and fades to black

©άđđїтзđ ģℓαмоц?Made for Tamms by Jen at DAF... dont be stupid and decide to steal cause it would be dumb on your part and besides I always catch fucking thieves! Dont do it...