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WGEF Roleplays : Vacation
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From: MSN Nickname♥●ŃàūĝħťŷĂńģĕł•♥  (Original Message)Sent: 2/4/2009 8:12 AM

The Roleplay your about to read may be filled with unsafe material for people under the age of 16. It may contain the following... sexual content, vulgar actions, and a lot of swearing. So please whatever you do do not read this if you can not handle it, because there is a possiblity you can be offended, but do not say I did not warn you. However this is an official Kaylee Adams Roleplay!


O.O.C: This is gonna be kinda like eluding up to it

The scene starts out after Friday Night Fight Night went off the air and we saw Kaylee Adams win her match. Usually she would be up for partying but not tonight. Tonight she had another agenda. With everyone starting to really get on her nerves Kaylee decided that she wanted to take a break which brought in Jerry Kohler. Kaylee had been interviewing people for weeks trying to find the perfect fill in while she went away. The moment he stepped in the room Kaylee knew he was going to work out. She hired him and then made her arrangements for her trip. Two weeks in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. Just Kaylee some sun tan lotion the waves and her hotel room. That was however until she decided to invite Adam to come with. Truth be told Kaylee and Adam hadnt had anytime alone in a while with the fight and everything. These two weeks is just what the couple needed. As Kaylee left the ring she went backstage and changed into a white mini dress complete with matching boots. She ran a brush through her hair and then walked out. She looked at Adam nad starting to talk
Okay now can we go?
I think we can. However I think I need a little persuasion to get up.
Oh really well I think I know just how.
Kaylee walked over to him and then leaned down whispering something in his ear. Adam got a grin on his face and then stood up. They two linked hands and then walked out the door and got into a limousine awaiting. Kaylee made little small talk as the limo took off and arrived at the private airfield a little later. Adam gets out of the limo first and the helps Kaylee out before the two board the plane. They get comfortable and soon are airborn. The flight is going to take several hours so Kaylee leaned her head on Adam's shoulder and soon was out like a light. She slept most of the way and soon they were touching down in Maui. Adam stood up first and Kaylee second and the two got off the plane. They got their luggage and were jetting off to the hotel. Arriving at the Wailea Beach Villas hotel Kaylee and Adam walk in and immediately sent to the front desk. Kaylee rings the bell and then waits for the guy. He comes over and starts to talk.
Welcome to the Fabulous Wailea Beach Villas Hotel. I am Justin how can I help you?
Yeah checking in Adams is the last name.
Ah yeah I see you have reserved the penthouse suite. Correct.
That would be correct. Only the best for me.
Okay well if you can show me ID and the card you used I will have you all set.
Kaylee hands him her id and then waits before he calls over the bell hop and hands him her key. They thank him and then head off after the hop. Arriving at thier room Kaylee entrers first and is amazing at the surroundings. She tips him some money and then looks at Adam. Opening her mouth she starts to talk?
So what do we do first?

©άđđїтзđ ģℓαмоц?Made for Tamms by Jen at DAF... dont be stupid and decide to steal cause it would be dumb on your part and besides I always catch fucking thieves! Dont do it...